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Mando'a Neutralis - The Family Friendy Guild

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Mando'a Neutralis - The Family Friendy Guild

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04.10.2013 , 03:09 AM | #1
Today, with the early access for Rise of the Hutt Cartel, a new guild sees the light of day called Mando'a Neutralis!

What does Mando'a Neutralis mean?

Mando'a, or sometimes simply reffered to as Mandalorian, is the old language of the Mandalorian people. Elements of Mando'a were taken from the language of the ancient Taungs of Coruscant, from which the culture stemmed.
Neutralis refers to 'open' or 'for all' hinting at the function of the guild. Through this body we are united in the game and operate as one entity, no matter your background, walk of life, gender, side chosen in-game, etc.
The name also makes a wink at my main character, who is a Bounty Hunter, often linked to the Mandalorians.

Who should be interested in joining?

Well, first a bit about why I registered this guild; I am a guy in his thirties with a pretty demanding job, working irregular schedules, married to a wonderful wife and on top of that I have become a dad recently, even further cutting into my available gaming time.
I feel out of place in many guilds, among people who are already level 50 for quite a while, have experienced most content and are busy in the gear threadmill, focussing on the raids.
With the available time I have for logging into SWTOR I suspect it will still be quite some time before I will manage to get to 50 and start to experience the Makeb content. Afterall, there is so much to see in the main game, still!

Scouring the web for 'family friendly' guilds is not an easy task I have found and as it was a long time goal of mine to actually start my own guild and see wether I could pull it off with my given gametime, I decided to plunge in and give it a go!

So, who should be interested in joining? You! The parent, the busy individual, the gamer who has a lot of stuff going on in his or her life besides gaming, but still wants to have a home in a game we all love; SWTOR. If there are enough of us there will always be people around to play with.
But just hanging out in guild chat (and hopefully a Teamspeak channel later) is fine too.

There are no rules about in-game chat needing to be about game related stuff. See it more like a social tool to wind down after a hard days work, logging in to find friends online and discuss any topic of the day as if you were sitting right in front of them.

There are no rules about activity either. If you like your place in Mando'a Neutralis, then the goal has been reached. We understand that after a hard day of work you might not be in the mood to log in, perhaps for several days. Perhaps your roster doesn't allow you to login, or that you children eat up lots of time. We understand!

So hardcore gamers should not apply?

Everyone is free to apply to Mando'a Neutralis, but with the given guild statement you should expect a certain way this guild will function.
That probably won't cater to the hardcore gamer too well.
For example; if you're in the middle of an Operation and someone needs to leave because their child is in need of something, the Operation might be paused for a while, or even cancelled to restart another time. There are many people who do not like this, but it is accepted in Mando'a Neutralis.

That said, the hardcore gaming mentality does fit in very well with the guild! Are you a completionist? Are you an end game raider? Perfectly fine! In fact, we would love to have you, but you will need to respect the fact that this guild is setup in a manner that caters for being a parent (to take one of the more demanding jobs out there ).
But nowhere is said that a parent can't have a hardcore gamer mentality, now has it?

Are there any rules I should be aware of?

We don't believe in a strictly rule-run guild as it comes to entertainment. We all play this game because we like it and we like to play it with others.
This expects you to behave in a social and polite manner.
We are all adults and should be treating eachother like adults.
There are some straight forward, common sense rules to type down, however:

No elitism is accepted. No racism is accepted. No cyber crime or cheating is accepted.

I have come from many a guild where drama was the end of a great group of people. While drama cannot be avoided at times, I have little tolerance for it.
Relax. It's a game. It's used to wind down. Not get angry over.

Welcome to Mando'a Neutralis!
Come visit us at: Mando'a Neutralis
Lugu - Rattataki Bounty Hunter
"My work has a price. Are you willing to pay?"
Yskonyn - Leader of Mando'a Neutralis - The Family Friendly Guild!

Yskonyn's Avatar

04.16.2013 , 04:36 AM | #2
To be sure;

Mando'a Neutralis is a guild for BOTH sides; Republic as well as Empire.
The guild is about forming friendships and having a good time, no matter side chosen.
Lugu - Rattataki Bounty Hunter
"My work has a price. Are you willing to pay?"
Yskonyn - Leader of Mando'a Neutralis - The Family Friendly Guild!