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Anybody else frozen right now?

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Anybody else frozen right now?

cloudhawk's Avatar

04.09.2013 , 09:18 PM | #11
Very much so, logged in 4 times and was kicked off 4 times. Needless to say the server is having issues.

Ravager's Avatar

04.09.2013 , 09:20 PM | #12
Tried to leave Makeb to Section X. Clicked it from the Priority Transport options and then... nothing happened. Couldn't interact with any objects and Section X was not loading. I logged out but couldn't log back in.
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sphyg's Avatar

04.09.2013 , 09:20 PM | #13
Frozen trying to log in
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JakeRaider's Avatar

04.09.2013 , 09:22 PM | #14
I logged back in and its said I had no guild. Then a few min later it said I had no friends. Then a few minutes later nothing.

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MulletManTim's Avatar

04.09.2013 , 09:23 PM | #15
Yeah, I keep getting kicked out with "Error Code 3". :facepalm:

DarkSaberMaster's Avatar

04.10.2013 , 08:23 PM | #16
Stuck at the loading screen. This some ********.
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NerVousxHtiman's Avatar

04.10.2013 , 08:35 PM | #17
Stuck at loading screen, forced log out, frozen... How sad this is...
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IAmViiOLENT's Avatar

04.10.2013 , 08:36 PM | #18
Server finally did itself in and ripped its own cords out.

RIP Harbinger, good knowing you.

Mackeyla's Avatar

04.10.2013 , 08:38 PM | #19
Yeah. I put up a post in the customer service forum. No response yet.
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ohto's Avatar

04.10.2013 , 08:38 PM | #20
This is annoying. Fix this Bioware, or you're going to lose Subs, and you guys can't afford to lose subs. Get your act together.
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