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Anybody else frozen right now?

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Anybody else frozen right now?

MulletManTim's Avatar

04.09.2013 , 09:03 PM | #1
I am in an OP and nobody seems to be able to leave or /stuck out of it. Is the server load too heavy right now or what? Ii have a guildie in vent who says they are stuck in a WZ, as well.

Denchet's Avatar

04.09.2013 , 09:04 PM | #2
Its broken for people in my guild. Can't do anything.

Kattrax's Avatar

04.09.2013 , 09:07 PM | #3
Several of our guildies cannot login.

Kurin's Avatar

04.09.2013 , 09:08 PM | #4
Server seems to be frozen right now.
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Percadin's Avatar

04.09.2013 , 09:08 PM | #5
I too am stuck, was trying to zone from balmorra to my ship then back and its stuck on loading screen

criminalheretic's Avatar

04.09.2013 , 09:09 PM | #6
I am unable to log in...
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darkroomradio's Avatar

04.09.2013 , 09:12 PM | #7
I've been on for quite a while today, working on Makeb. About five minutes ago, I was transporting from the planet to my ship. The sound effect played, but after what was supposed to have been the transition I was still on the dock on Makeb. Chat was not displaying, most NPCs could not be interacted with. Then I quit out and restarted, and I am on an infinite loading screen.
TL;DR Yeah it appears to be frozen.
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Kadlyin's Avatar

04.09.2013 , 09:12 PM | #8
Got stuck in a warzone finally crashed out logged back in still in the ops group back on makab then crashed again and got a pop up saying my character was unavailable due to maintenance sigh.

USCG_Davis's Avatar

04.09.2013 , 09:15 PM | #9
Yup. Frozen in Quesh
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axmarcusxa's Avatar

04.09.2013 , 09:17 PM | #10
Frozen on Hoth. No coincidence.