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New Sniper Bugs in 2.0? Covered Escape and Entrench

STAR WARS: The Old Republic > English > Classes > Gunslinger / Sniper
New Sniper Bugs in 2.0? Covered Escape and Entrench
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05.31.2013 , 12:24 AM | #21
Forgot if it was mentioned in this thread already or not, but also when you use Covered Escape and try to move forward at all using the keyboard, it will not work until the duration ends. You have to use the mouse buttons. This may seem like a minor bug, but it's game breaking. Can't count the number of times this has lost me a PvP match when I need to use my mouse to position the camera and I go to use the W key so I can move forward only for me to be stuck in place and die. Same goes for Ops. I was in an EC HM tonight on Kephess and used Covered Escape and went to use the W key to move to the droid while using the mouse to reposition the camera and ended up dying because I wouldn't move despite obviously using the W key which moves me any other time while not using Covered Escape. Fix this bug, please.