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HM S&V and HM/NM 55 TFB Ops Progression

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HM S&V and HM/NM 55 TFB Ops Progression

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04.06.2013 , 07:52 PM | #1
Content is no longer being updated.


Please format your posts like the following:
Guild Name
Empire or Republic
What raid you are doing
What boss you killed
What day/time you killed it with your timezone
Sceenshot or video proof

For Example:

Post a screenshot of all kills.
Must have proof of difficulty mode. All screenshots must be unedited screenshots with the game clock clearly shown. Please post a direct link to the screenshot/video. I don't want to have to go digging through your guild's webpage to find it. There are a few different ways you can post an acceptable screenshot/video:

Ranking for this is going to be real simple. Guilds will be ranked by whoever is the furthest, and whoever got there fastest. In the long run, the winner will be whoever clears a raid first. Note that unlike last time around, the two raids will be tracked separately this time.

The time of everyone's most recent boss kill will be posted in PST (or PDT, depending on time of year). Please make sure your clock is visible in your screenshot, and you post your timezone. If I can't tell when you killed the boss, I'll use the time of your post instead.


Hard Mode Scum and Villainy:

A note on Golden Fury:

Boss is killed
Boss has not been killed

[GF] - [DR][T6][Thrasher][OC][Olok][Warlords][Styrak] Hatred 4/12 1:21am
[GF] - [DR][T6][Thrasher][OC][Olok][Warlords][Styrak] Haterade 4/13 9:23pm
[GF] - [DR][T6][Thrasher][OC][Olok][Warlords][Styrak] Animosity 4/14 7:35pm
[GF] - [DR][T6][Thrasher][OC][Olok][Warlords][Styrak] Momentum 4/15 6:58pm
[GF] - [DR][T6][Thrasher][OC][Olok][Warlords][Styrak] The Silver Order 4/15 10:05pm
[GF] - [DR][T6][Thrasher][OC][Olok][Warlords][Styrak] Tyranny 4/18 9:48pm
[GF] - [DR][T6][Thrasher][OC][Olok][Warlords][Styrak] Tatooine Royal Navy 4/18 9:50pm
[GF] - [DR][T6][Thrasher][OC][Olok][Warlords][Styrak] Select Few 4/18 11:39pm
[GF] - [DR][T6][Thrasher][OC][Olok][Warlords][Styrak] Decimation 4/20 11:00pm
[GF] - [DR][T6][Thrasher][OC][Olok][Warlords][Styrak] APEX 4/24 7:39pm
[GF] - [DR][T6][Thrasher][OC][Olok][Warlords][Styrak] Fearless Arms 4/28 1:40am
[GF] - [DR][T6][Thrasher][OC][Olok][Warlords][Styrak] Cookies and Kreame 4/29 7:32am
[GF] - [DR][T6][Thrasher][OC][Olok][Warlords][Styrak] The Chatos Paladins 4/30 12:40am
[GF] - [DR][T6][Thrasher][OC][Olok][Warlords][Styrak] Force in Balance 5/5 4:55pm
[GF] - [DR][T6][Thrasher][OC][Olok][Warlords][Styrak] Envy 5/5 8:22pm
[GF] - [DR][T6][Thrasher][OC][Olok][Warlords][Styrak] MLP Friendship is Magic 5/11 9:24pm
[GF] - [DR][T6][Thrasher][OC][Olok][Warlords][Styrak] Night Stalkers 5/12 11:46pm
[GF] - [DR][T6][Thrasher][OC][Olok][Warlords][Styrak] Invalid Target 5/18 10:47pm
[GF] - [DR][T6][Thrasher][OC][Olok][Warlords][Styrak] Knights of the First Order 5/19 7:45pm
[GF] - [DR][T6][Thrasher][OC][Olok][Warlords][Styrak] Swoop Gang 5/20 7:13pm
[GF] - [DR][T6][Thrasher][OC][Olok][Warlords][Styrak] House Targaryen 5/26 10:03pm
[GF] - [DR][T6][Thrasher][OC][Olok][Warlords][Styrak] Incursio 6/8 8:38pm
[GF] - [DR][T6][Thrasher][OC][Olok][Warlords][Styrak] Pax Fatalis 6/10 8:17pm

[GF] - [DR][T6][Thrasher][OC][Olok][Warlords][Styrak] Select Few 4/23 9:22pm
[GF] - [DR][T6][Thrasher][OC][Olok][Warlords][Styrak] Momentum 4/24 6:20pm
[GF] - [DR][T6][Thrasher][OC][Olok][Warlords][Styrak] The Chatos Paladins 5/15 11:09pm
[GF] - [DR][T6][Thrasher][OC][Olok][Warlords][Styrak] MLP Friendship is Magic 5/18 10:46pm
[GF] - [DR][T6][Thrasher][OC][Olok][Warlords][Styrak] Decimation 5/25 10:14pm
[GF] - [DR][T6][Thrasher][OC][Olok][Warlords][Styrak] Haterade 6/5 1:58am
[GF] - [DR][T6][Thrasher][OC][Olok][Warlords][Styrak] Animosity 6/11 10:12pm
[GF] - [DR][T6][Thrasher][OC][Olok][Warlords][Styrak] YES / Invalid Target 6/11 10:27pm
[GF] - [DR][T6][Thrasher][OC][Olok][Warlords][Styrak] Despair 5/9 10:12pm
[GF] - [DR][T6][Thrasher][OC][Olok][Warlords][Styrak] Force in Balance 5/21 7:44pm
[GF] - [DR][T6][Thrasher][OC][Olok][Warlords][Styrak] Tyranny 5/23 7:56pm
[GF] - [DR][T6][Thrasher][OC][Olok][Warlords][Styrak] Invalid Target 5/25 9:02pm
[GF] - [DR][T6][Thrasher][OC][Olok][Warlords][Styrak] Animosity 6/6 10:54pm

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04.06.2013 , 07:52 PM | #2
HM Terror from Beyond:

Important notes: New, updated 5/24:
Making a new thread for NMTFB(and SV), changing the colors to reflect that this is only tracking one difficulty mode. Take the progression order here with a grain of salt, the real contest was for HMSV. This was only tracked because it was technically part of progression.

Also, achievements don't work for proof on TFB because we all got credit for killing the old level 50 mode. Take a screenshot of the dead boss with loot shown or with ops difficulty shown if you want credit.

Boss has been killed
Boss has not been killed

[WH][DG][Op9][KU][TFB] Haterade 4/10 9:55pm
[WH][DG][Op9][KU][TFB] Hatred 4/12 10:46pm
[WH][DG][Op9][KU][TFB] Animosity 4/13 12:56am
[WH][DG][Op9][KU][TFB] The Silver Order 4/13 1:23am
[WH][DG][Op9][KU][TFB] Select Few 4/14 9:02pm
[WH][DG][Op9][KU][TFB] APEX 4/15 7:54pm
[WH][DG][Op9][KU][TFB] Tyranny 4/15 8:08pm
[WH][DG][Op9][KU][TFB] The Chatos Paladins 4/15 10:33pm
[WH][DG][Op9][KU][TFB] Decimation 4/18 12:03am
[WH][DG][Op9][KU][TFB] Fearless Arms 4/18 2:26am
[WH][DG][Op9][KU][TFB] Tatooine Royal Navy 4/21 8:50pm
[WH][DG][Op9][KU][TFB] Cookies and Kreame 4/29 6:04am
[WH][DG][Op9][KU][TFB] Force in Balance 5/1 10:54pm
[WH][DG][Op9][KU][TFB] MLP Friendship is Magic 5/4 11:07pm
[WH][DG][Op9][KU][TFB] Swoop Gang 5/9 7:32pm
[WH][DG][Op9][KU][TFB] Night Stalkers 5/9 11:00pm
[WH][DG][Op9][KU][TFB] Invalid Target 5/17 8:28am
[WH][DG][Op9][KU][TFB] Incursio 6/8 6:27pm

[WH][DG][Op9][KU][TFB] Select Few 4/25 8:56pm
[WH][DG][Op9][KU][TFB] Momentum 5/8 8:14pm
[WH][DG][Op9][KU][TFB] The Chatos Paladins 5/21 10:58pm
[WH][DG][Op9][KU][TFB] Decimation 6/2 12:38am
[WH][DG][Op9][KU][TFB] Animosity 4/23 10:04pm
[WH][DG][Op9][KU][TFB] MLP Friendship is Magic 5/24 7:45pm
[WH][DG][Op9][KU][TFB] Haterade 6/5 3:21am

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04.06.2013 , 07:53 PM | #3
Old Content:
This old content is no longer being updated.


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04.07.2013 , 10:17 AM | #4
Damn, Force This should have gotten ourselves on the Old content list long ago...

I have to ask though, Didnt they say NIM TFB shouldnt have been on the pts?
Or did they mean that its coming in 2.0 they just didnt want it on the pts...
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04.07.2013 , 12:23 PM | #5
Since we are still tracking old content for now, last week momentum switched from an 8 man group to a 16 for the up coming expansion got down all of TFB HM and NIM Toth and Zorn

All the photos are posted on our website.

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04.07.2013 , 01:21 PM | #6
Quote: Originally Posted by Selenial View Post
Damn, Force This should have gotten ourselves on the Old content list long ago...

I have to ask though, Didnt they say NIM TFB shouldnt have been on the pts?
Or did they mean that its coming in 2.0 they just didnt want it on the pts...
AFAIK, its not coming out on Tuesday but should come out soon.

Also, updated Momentum's 16man progress in the old thread. I'll recopy the old thread into this new thread on Tuesday.

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04.07.2013 , 03:10 PM | #7
Also, if Force This wants to you guys can just post a screenshot of your codex entries for whatever kills you have. Your position will be off unless you can think of a way to verify when you killed stuff, but at least you'll have kill credit saved for posterity.

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04.10.2013 , 11:04 PM | #8
Haterade Took Down all of TFB HM this Evening, Pics to follow
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04.10.2013 , 11:12 PM | #9

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04.10.2013 , 11:50 PM | #10
Select Few
16 Man HM Dash'rode

Boss Pic