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Attack on the Hutt Cartel

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04.05.2013 , 10:49 PM | #1
So, in anticipation of 2.0 hitting a week from Sunday (earlier, for those with early access) here is a semi-short story leading up to the Rise of the Hutt Cartel. No class spoilers, as though the game classes are involved, they are not my canon Hero of Tython, Havoc Squad commander, Grand Champion of the Great Hunt, and so on. Those characters are currently off doing other things (read my Downtime shorts for more on that).

Chapter 1
Republic Operations
Zero Hour


Fleet Commander Val Herix, Corellian through and through, with dark hair and darker eyes, grinned as his ship, the Jade Ascent, leapt into hyperspace. Here it was. Time to hit the Hutt Cartel where it hurt and potentially give their special operators a shot at Makeb.

"Sir," Lieutenant Ker-Tan said. "Weapons optimal. Shields optimal. Engines optimal."

Val nodded. "Excellent."

A young man in an ensign's uniform marched onto the bridge with a military clip, hair neatly shaved in a buzz cut. He had bright blue eyes and an energetic smile. Stopping short of Val's command chair, he saluted.

"Ensign Palos Renat, reporting for duty," the young man said.

"Ah," Val said with a smile. "The beardless wonder."

Ensign Renat tugged at his collar, chuckled nervously. "Ah, yes, sir."

"Take your station, ensign."

"Yes, sir."

Val twisted in his seat, glancing across the bridge. Petite young Lieutenant Terie Organa, formerly of the Alderaanian security force, glanced up.

"Sir, infiltration squads report ready," she said.

Val nodded. "Good." He turned to Ensign Renat. "So," he said, "ready to see how the ground-pounders do it?"

"Yes, sir."

Jade Ascent hangar bay
Zero Hour

Captain Rodd Aleris, leader of Special Forces commando squad 820, codename Recoil Squad, checked his rifle and nodded contentedly. Sergeant Beljis Laxe, a Duros, glanced at him and patted his fist twice across his chest. Aleris nodded in return, glanced at the rest of the troops.

"All right, boys, you ready?" he asked.

The rest of his squad, as well as three more squads, glanced up.

"Yes, sir!"

Aleris and Recoil Squad wore yellow-striped armor, while Blackout Squad wore green, Striker Squad had blue, and Manka Squad wore red. That was the easiest way to recognize them–another was the fact that they each had their own unique combat stances, hand signals, the works.

"I'm not going to lie to you," he said. "Some of us aren't going to come back. But promise yourself you'll be the last to die, and maybe most of us will make this out. Now, SIS agent Theron Shan says hitting Makeb itself is too dangerous. So we're going to hit the Hutts' supply lines, drain them. Make it easier for the boys who do eventually get to Makeb. We have to do that, or they'll get torn to shreds before they can land. Got it?"

"Yes, sir!" they all said.

"Mount up," he said. "Get set for a combat drop. Gentlemen, welcome to Hypori."

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04.07.2013 , 02:58 PM | #2
stories with Hypori in them are always great. And finally, the next installment of YoshiRaphElan's series comes! YAY!!!!
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04.07.2013 , 04:13 PM | #3
Quote: Originally Posted by Bird_of_Thunder View Post
stories with Hypori in them are always great. And finally, the next installment of YoshiRaphElan's series comes! YAY!!!!
Thanks! Glad you like my series.

Chapter 2
Imperial Fleet
Zero Hour

Captain Dorne holstered his sidearm and strapped on his helmet as the Unwavering One leapt to hyperspace. Dagger Squadron formed up around him, pistols and armor clipped on. They stood unwaveringly in preparation for battle, knowing many of them wouldn't be coming home, and not caring.

Darth Ravage scared them more.

"Sir," said Lieutenant Kran. "We're ready."

Dorne nodded. "Mount up."

Sighing, he leapt into his cockpit. He still couldn't believe that, so many years ago now, his daughter Elara had actually deserted, leaving the Empire to join the blasted Republic. Why had she done it? They'd raised her to love the Empire, to be faithful to it, to die for it. No Dorne in the Empire's long, grand history had deserted. And yet, now Aleksei had followed her.


"You all right, sir?" asked Kran.

"Fine, Kran, fine." He sighed. "Just thinking about my children."

"Blast them anyway," Kran muttered. "They have no real perception of loyalty."

"Oh, they do," Dorne replied sadly. "It's just to the Republic now."

"I know Elara was assigned to Havoc Squad," Kran said after an awkward silence. "Did you ever hear what happened to Aleksei?"

"A member of the 301st infantry now," Dorne replied. "Best of the best...killing Imperials across the galaxy."

"Cut the chatter," said Flight Commander Tritan. "We're not fighting the Republic right now, we're fighting the Hutts. So prepare your starfighters for dogfighting. This is it, men. It's time to take Hypori."


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04.07.2013 , 09:36 PM | #4
ah, Tritan. hated that guy. THIS IS GETTING EXCITING!!!

amazing writing, dude. well done
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04.07.2013 , 10:19 PM | #5
Thank you, thank you!

Chapter 3
Hypori space

The dropship rattled and Captain Aleris winced. Sergeant Laxe gripped the crash webbing tighter. The Duros had never liked space-to-atmosphere flight, despite the fact that his species had been some of the first spacefarers. Aleris patted his friend on the shoulder.

"Hold on, boys!" said the shuttle pilot, Onasi. "The Imperials just came out of hyperspace."

Aleris didn't have time to consider that fact, because an anti-orbital cannon opened up, blowing the shuttle next to them up. Aleris shook his head sadly. There went Sunspot Squad.

"Those Hutts are earning some serious pain," growled Corporal Rader, a Mirialan.

"Whoever gets to them first gets to shove a grenade down their throat," said Lieutenant Turnet.

"Hitting the ground!" called Onasi. "Doors!"

"Go, go, go!" Aleris snapped.

He charged out of the dropship and trained his rifle across the field at the Hutt palace. The combat droids opened fire, and with a quick shot, Aleris took one in the midriff. Then he ducked behind a large chunk of the destroyed dropship, turned, and blew off another droid's head.

On the other side of the debris, Rader sniped down a Gamorrean guard and a Weequay enforcer. Turnet and Laxe charged ahead with the other troops, ripping apart droids and sentients with rifles and vibroblades. Some of the Hutts' forces, especially Gamorreans and Trandoshans, dropped their rifles and charged in with vibroswords. Laxe took down a Trandoshan before receiving an axe blade between his shoulder blades.

"Man down!" Aleris called.

Turnet ran to Laxe's side, lifted the Duros, and pulled him under cover.

"Looks bad, sir," the Zabrak said.

"Do what you can," Aleris bit out grimly. "The rest of you, charge!"

* * *

Dorne snap-rolled his starfighter aside and pulled the trigger, blowing a Hutt Enforcer starfighter to atoms. He jinked aside as another fighter appeared at his tail. One of his squadmates dove in and took the bogey off his tail.

"Thanks," he breathed.

"All forces, attention," said Moff Phennir. "The Republic is in the sector."

"Engage, Moff?" asked Tritan.

"Negative, Commander," Phennir bit out. Clearly he disapproved of Tritan. "Focus on the Hutts. The Republic appears to be here for the same purpose."

"Yes, sir," Tritan replied.

It was Dorne's opinion that Tritan was a two-bit moron, undeserving of even his flight commander rank. He'd bungled the Hoth operation completely. He needed to be...replaced.

"All squadrons," Phennir said, "take the Hutts down."

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04.11.2013 , 03:34 PM | #6
Chapter 4

Eldon Ax spun her starfighter laterally and blasted another Hutt starfighter to splinters. Grinning evilly, she pulled her starfighter in an evasive maneuver and headed toward Hypori.

"This is Commander Ax," she bit out in a rough voice. "Commence landing."

"The Republic, ma'am?" asked her second in command in Dusk Squadron.

"Ignore them," Ax said. "For now we need to deal with the Hutts."

"Yes, ma'am."

Eldon's starfighter touched down a kilometer outside a Hutt outpost. She leapt out and drew her lightsaber, its red blade shining across the dirt. She marched forward, a squad of troopers exiting a shuttle behind her. Hutt defense droids opened fire, and Ax twirled her blade, sending the bolts back at the droids. They shattered, sending shards of metal flying in all directions.

"Let's move," she said coldly.

She rammed her lightsaber into the fortress' large gate and traced a circle large enough for her and the troops to enter. The she blew the hole in with a telekinetic blast. It caught a Zabrak security guard in the back, blowing him down the hall and causing his internal organs to rupture. Two Gamorreans swung at her with vibroaxes and she laughed at their pathetic attempt and rammed her lightsaber swiftly through one's chest, and then swiftly decapitated the other.

"Clear, ma'am," said one trooper.

"I know," she seethed. "I did it myself. I sensed there were no more."

"Yes, ma'am," he muttered nervously.

"Let's continue," she bit out.

* * *

Hex Squad commander Larin Moxla rammed her vibroblade into a Gamorrean's thigh, letting blood spill into the sand. His femoral artery severed, he grunted weakly and died. Larin jumped back under cover. Her second in command, a Kel-Dor named Hetchkee, pulled her head down as a blaster bolt shot over.

"Blasted Hutts," Larin growled.

"At least the Imperials are ignoring us," Hetchkee said. "For now."

Larin sucked in a breath. Gone was the raw recruit from a few years ago. "You're right, Hetch," she said.

"Larin," said Sergeant Ses Jopp, another of her men. "There's an opening provided by the infantry on the Hutts' left flank. Shall we take it?"

Larin grinned fiercely. "Always look forward to hurting the Hutts," she said. "Hex Squad, move!"

* * *

On Nar Shaddaa, Bareesh the Hutt moved away from his office as quickly as he could. He was almost to his open-topped speeder with its droid chauffer when a squad of Republic troops rappelled down from the rooftop. Bareesh winced, sighed, and stopped his attempt. A Mirialan Jedi Knight in brown robes and bronze armor stepped up.

"Bareesh Fenn'ak Torill," the Jedi said. "In the name of the Galactic Senate of the Republic, you are under arrest."

"Why?" Bareesh asked.

"Your clan has had a direct hand in assisting Lord Toborro of the Hutt Cartels in his capture of Makeb and other planets," the captain of the Republic squad said. "You are suspected of involvement."

Bareesh sighed. "I've been clean since my involvement in the Kintan Kings incident," he said glumly. "Why would I be suspected?"

"A transmission intercepted from your office," the Jedi said. "From Toborro."

Bareesh winced. "Yes: a transmission in which I duly explained that I would not be involved in his madness. In fact I was just running because I suspected he was sending a hit squad after me."

"Yeah," muttered the captain. "Sure."

"Honestly!" Bareesh insisted.

"He's right," a new voice said. "You can let him go."

The captain and the Jedi Knight looked up. A man with black hair and vivid blue eyes approached, wearing an easy smirk that probably came naturally to him.

"SIS Agent Jonas Balkar," he introduced himself. "I intercepted his transmission. I just finished decoding it, and he's right. He did tell Toborro to go stuff himself down the nearest black hole."

The Jedi quirked an eyebrow. "Nice," he said. "I'm known as Fortris Gall. Sorry, Bareesh. You may go. Captain? Let's get to Hypori before we miss all the action."

"Yes, sir."

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04.11.2013 , 05:45 PM | #7
ahhh so many book characters! love it, love it, love it. keep on going!
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04.11.2013 , 06:02 PM | #8
Quote: Originally Posted by Bird_of_Thunder View Post
ahhh so many book characters! love it, love it, love it. keep on going!
Thank you. I always wished the book characters would have been in the game. The only one I think of that actually is even mentioned is Dao Stryver. The others didn't even warrant a mention, not even Satele's Padawan? That, at least, should have gotten an appearance.

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04.16.2013 , 03:17 PM | #9
Chapter 5

There was silence in the drop ship. Cold, efficient, and ruthless, the soldiers clipped on their armor. Clips entered rifles and blasters, ejected, and were slammed back in. Helmet systems were checked, comms synchronized, and gazes traded.

The Mandalorians had arrived on Hypori.

Chernan polished his white and tan armor and slammed on his helmet. His wife, Dinua, was wearing a Republic trooper's chestplate, signifying her former loyalty, though the rest of her armor was traditionally Mandalorian. Chernan nodded to her; she nodded back.

"Landing in two minutes," the pilot called.

Merrk Kelborn, Vorten Fett, and Akshae Shanka prepared their weapons; Kelborn and Fett in their golden commander's armor and Shanka in his silver and blue customized gear. All three had gained fame on the battlefield, Kelborn and Fett leading armies during the first Galactic War and Shanka coming in second place in two Great Hunts.

"All right," said Rally Master Kelborn, "listen up. When we hit the ground, Chernan and Fett will flank left with fifty of our shock troopers, while Shanka and I take the other fifty on the right flank. Blow open the fortress and don't take prisoners. Oya."

One hundred shock troopers shouted in unison, "Oya!"

* * *

Chernan leapt out of the drop ship and fired his twin blasters. Two Hutt droids dropped. Chernan jetpacked into the air and opened fire with his wrist rockets, blowing apart two more droids. Dinua shouldered her rifle and opened fire, killing a Gamorrean and a Weequay guard.

A Nikto with a vibrosword charged in, and Fett raised a vibroshiv, blocked the sword, and shot the Nikto in the gut. The Nikto dropped, and Fett finished him off with a throat-stab with his shiv.

"Heavy weapons!" said Chernan. "Hit the fortress."

Braum "Zakkeg" Bourne ran up to Chernan's side and pulled out a handheld rocket launcher. He pointed it at the wall. He glanced over at Chernan.

"I'd duck if I were you," he said.

He fired. The rocket shot across the sky and blew the wall apart. Bourne grinned and tossed the rocket launcher to the ground, replacing it with a wicked-looking pistol.

"Go!" Fett said.

* * *

Kelborn rammed his pistol butt into a Gamorrean's head and brought up his knee into its groin. The Gamorrean made a remarkable squeal and fell to the ground. With a grin, Kelborn turned, shot down two droids, and ducked just as a blaster bolt whizzed over his head.

"Chernan's got an entrance!" shouted Shanka.

"Right," Kelborn replied. "Let's move."

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04.18.2013 , 12:29 PM | #10
Chapter 6

Captain Aleris stepped into the generator complex of the Hutt base, shot down the two droids beside the console. Sergeant Laxe ran over to the console and began hacking in. Aleris turned and blasted two Gamorreans coming in behind them.

He scowled, made it personal. Almost half their squad had gone down, and only one would survive, the medics said. Aleris had a grudge against the Hutts now that couldn't be surpassed. He turned and blasted a human sniper before he could get a squad of troopers on the second level.

"That's odd..." muttered Laxe.

"What?" Aleris asked.

"The generator just overloaded."

Aleris' blood ran cold. "We need to move. Now!"

He turned and sprinted, Laxe on his tail. They weren't quite outside the room when the whole generator blew, sending violent waves of radiation through the whole base.

* * *

Chernan froze. "Hold," he said.

"What's wrong?" asked Dinua.

"Radiation spike," he responded. "Seal your suits."

The Mandalorians followed his orders with quick precision and resumed fighting. Chernan leapt forward and punched a Nikto in the face, wincing as its spiked brow tore a furrow in his glove. He shot the Nikto in the gut, turned, and roundhouse kicked him.

Chernan reached quickly for his belt and pulled out a can of sealant. He had to patch his glove quickly, or he'd be fried before he ever got hit with a blaster bolt.

"Keep moving," he said. "We need to finish this, double-time."

* * *

Eldon Ax squeezed her lightsaber as hard radiation passed over her. She used the Force to block it out, but even so she was blindsided by the raw power of the explosion. The troopers behind her had the benefit of their armor–at least, most of them did. The officer in charge of the group, a lieutenant, screamed in agony and fell to the ground, instantly dead.

"Keep moving," Eldon said coldly.

"Yes, ma'am."

* * *

The radiation hit Larin's group hard. Thankful for her gear, she sealed it up and breathed in sweet, cold air from her oxygen filters. The rest of the group followed suit, Hetchkee excluded. As a Kel-Dor, he could survive everything up to hard vacuum for a short time.

"How long will you last?" asked Ses Jopp.

Hetchkee hissed. "Maybe an hour. Maximum."

"Then we need to finish," Larin replied. "Let's move."

* * *

Commander Dorne pulled his starfighter around, pumped a Cartel starfighter full of blaster bolts, and swept down into Hypori's atmosphere. He saw the command center below...

Suddenly a burst of radiation sizzled outward from the complex. Dorne pulled his starfighter up, barely managing to miss the radiation wave. Most of the others managed to pull up. One of those who didn't was Tritan. Dorne smiled cruelly under his moustache.

"Dorne!" called Tritan. "Pull me up, now!"

Dorne chuckled, switched to a private comm between them. "You, sir, are incompetent. You're finished. Goodbye."

He fired a torpedo, and Tritan exploded in a ball of fire.