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Force Choke not honoring resolve

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Force Choke not honoring resolve
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04.08.2013 , 10:27 AM | #31
Quote: Originally Posted by MasterFeign View Post
What I've never liked about force choke, which will be fixed in 2.0, was that a smasher was always able to get their 4 stacks of shockwave with force choke, then immediately use smash, wherein I could not block it with force shroud at all (even with a 1 second headstart with using the ability).

That is to say, smash, since it's buff, is much more "instant" than other moves.

Another example I tested was spamming spike, while the SW was in the midst of jumping towards me, not only did he not have resolve (and I was facing him), he was also able to get a smash off, before I could spike him...
That could be a lag issue. Happens to me all the time. Smasher lands and he goes flying back form KB and I see his Smash go off wherever he lands and I think 'Ha wasted your Smash" but then -5600 pops up over my head.
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