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600 queue? Seriously?

RabbitWarrior's Avatar

12.20.2011 , 06:28 PM | #1
Im as understanding as the next guy. But really... a 600 queue for an hour wait?

Deal with this. Not cool.
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renegadeimp's Avatar

12.20.2011 , 06:29 PM | #2
It's probably not an hour. i was in a 1300 queue a few hours ago on the 2nd highest pop EU server. Within 34 minutes i was in game.
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Tazmyn's Avatar

12.20.2011 , 06:29 PM | #3
There were over 1100 people in queue on my server last night. I waited about 1.5 hours to get in.

tofu-'s Avatar

12.20.2011 , 06:32 PM | #4
terrible first impression.

i can see a lot of non-diehard customers canceling their subscriptions if this continues throughout the holidays.

honestly, i'd prefer server downtime than hour long queues. at least if i don't have to worry about a queue, i can log out and get something to eat or run errands without worrying about another hour long wait when i want to play again.
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Eswift's Avatar

12.20.2011 , 06:36 PM | #5
People like you are unbelievable. The stupidity is mind boggling. There is a clear easy option. Pick a different server, this is not a difficult concept. This happens in all MMOs on launch, every single one I've ever played and I've played most of them. Sometimes I switch servers, sometimes I deal with it.

In this case, I'm currently in a 450 person queue. Whatever, it happens. If they "fix" it they'll end up with tons and tons of dead servers two months from now. Rift is the only game I know that did this and it caused massive problems 2 months later.

How would you have them "fix" it? Did you pick a server that had "low" pop? I doubt it. Take some responsibility and solve the issue yourself, it's not a difficult one.

Kikilicious's Avatar

12.20.2011 , 06:39 PM | #6
Calm your ****. I can't even get in, I keep getting the Play Button/Desktop error. I would LOVE to wait in the queues than to try and fix the launcher for 5 hours. Count your blessing, kay?
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