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Whats your companion Dream Team?

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Whats your companion Dream Team?
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Sentanta's Avatar

04.04.2013 , 05:36 AM | #1
If you could hand-pick a companion for each specialisation, which companions would you choose for your "Dream Team" and why?

My personal list is :-

Healer - Mako (Nice easy going companion and great to get her so early)
Melee Tank - Tanno Vik (I love his attitude and underhandedness)
Melee DPS - Akaavi Spaar (Personally my fave companion - she can really hold her own against most mobs)
Ranged Tank - Blizz (Nuff said)
Ranged DPS - Gault Rennow (Andronikos Revel was a very close second for this position but Gault is more fun and entertaining)

I based my list on the companions I like to run missions with and their abilities and combat skills - I did not take into account crew skill benefits!

So what would be your Dream Team?
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darkov's Avatar

04.04.2013 , 05:56 AM | #2
I'll bite...

Healer - Mako Agreed, she's a good companion with a nice attitude
Melee Tank - Qyzen I quite like him, he is sufficiently different to be interesting though he could do with being a bit more ruthless - Would've been Khem, but his role in the class story drops him down a bit
Melee DPS - Akaavi Spaar Agree with this one too, her personality is great
Ranged Tank - Kaliyo Its all about the attitude...
Ranged DPS - Vette Best companion by far!

In general I think the female companions are better than the male ones, they tend have more interesting personalities and better dialogue.

Syas's Avatar

04.04.2013 , 06:50 AM | #3
Healer - Mako (Sure)
Melee Tank - Tanno Vik (Don't really like him, but I use him a lot and I like him better than other Melee Tanks)
Melee DPS - Yuun (Wish I used him more)
Ranged Tank - Pierce (See above)
Ranged DPS - Vette (So my Warrior is only 42, but Vette is the only companion I have ever used over the entire levelling process. I expect to take here to 50. I don't know that I like her more than say, Jorgan, but my decision to keep using her must be for a reason. Also, every crew new a saucy Twi'lek).
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Altheran's Avatar

04.04.2013 , 06:54 AM | #4
Melee Tank - Lord Scourge
Ranged Tank - Kaliyo
Melee DPS - Jaesa
Ranged DPS - Gault or Zenith
Healer - Dr. Lockin

My reasons why ? Do I really need to have reasons ?

Uvirith's Avatar

04.04.2013 , 06:54 AM | #5
Healer - Doctor Lokin A mysterious half-Rakghoul of unknown age. Could it get any better?
Melee Tank - SCORPIO ******-Robotpsycho, whats not to love
Melee DPS - Risha I dont like any of them, Risha is kinda funny though
Ranged Tank - Blizz Well, that one is obvious
Ranged DPS - Vette I adore Vette. She is sooo much fun.
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Cernow's Avatar

04.04.2013 , 06:56 AM | #6
Here's mine:

Healer - Mako (Guss, Elara and Doc are all great but Mako never falters and is always upbeat)
Melee Tank - Tanno Vik (a rock, he has tank stamped on his forehead)
Melee DPS - Kira Carsen (fearless and proud)
Ranged Tank - Blizz (Kaliyo gets all the best lines but still there's no contest)
Ranged DPS - Vette (Gault is entertaining, but Vette wins on attitude and results)

Themanthatisi's Avatar

04.04.2013 , 07:05 AM | #7
I do not have all my toons leveled up to 50, but so far my team would be...

Healer - Doc
Melee Tank - Lord Scorge
Melee DPS - Jeasa (She is my fav companion of any of them)
Ranged Tank - Kaliyo
Ranged DPS - HK-51 (Its about damage, and HK delivers. when not fighting, is great at crew skills as well. This is the most well rounded companion in the game)

Lionflash's Avatar

04.04.2013 , 07:05 AM | #8
Really? No one is going to say it?


Ashara Zavros
Jaesa Willsaam
Nadia Grell
Kira Carsen
MY Smuggler (not yours deal with it)

Arlon_Nabarlly's Avatar

04.04.2013 , 07:19 AM | #9
Healer - Doctor Lokin
Melee Tank - Lord Scourge
Melee DPS - Kira Carson
Ranged Tank - Blizz
Ranged DPS - Vette

DarthGile's Avatar

04.04.2013 , 07:44 AM | #10
Healer - Elara Dorne
Melee Tank - Lord Scourge
Melee DPS - Kira Carsen
Ranged Tank - Corso Riggs
Ranged DPS - Vette

Reasons: An armored hot blonde healing with an imperial accent. Nice... A tank that banters at mobs with awesome lines like "You have proven to be... unworthy!" after an ocassional lightning punch. Wife Kira, nuff said... A quick-trigger Twi'lek with enough sassiness to compete with Kira. (Begin the sarcastic banters at each other). Finally, a ranged-tank who names his rifle and is as loyal as a protocol droid.