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Legacy Companions: A Use for Alts

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Legacy Companions: A Use for Alts

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04.04.2013 , 04:00 AM | #1
I was talking with some people I'm in an RP guild with, and someone talked about gearing up a companion to resemble an alt, so she could roleplay both characters at once. This was, in my opinion, a terrific idea.

But it got me thinking. Why can't we just summon our alts?

The legacy system is one of my favorite aspects of this game. As a roleplayer, it encouraged me to intertwine the relationships and back stories of my characters into one big, tangled web.

But this is very hard to play out in game when only one of my characters can be in one place at one time.

Initially I thought of them only being non-combat things, like our current pets. The Legacy Pane keeps track of the current appearance of all characters in your Legacy. Add an option, Summon as Pet, and voila, a visible representation of the character. Give them the ability to do emotes (perhaps you could right-click them to bring up the standard emote list?) and you'd have the tools to greatly expand your RP options.

But then I thought, "How cool would it have been if Dacks (my trooper) could have backed up Jayar (my consular, and Dacks' younger brother) during his missions?"

And so was born the idea I call Legacy Companions.

•Bioware would need to draw up 16 new generic companion stats/move sets. One for each Advanced Class.

•Upon reaching level 55 with a completed Class Story, a character would be available to be used as a Legacy Companion for other characters in their faction on your legacy.

•At Legacy Level 50, you'd also be able to use Legacy Companions cross-faction.

•Legacy Companions would be summonable from within the crew window like other companions. They would not be able to be used for any crew skills. They would be subject to all normal Companion and party size limitations.

•A Legacy Companion would have the generic moveset and stats for a Legacy Companion of its Advanced Class.

•Legacy Companions would not use gear. Their stats would rise with the level of the character who summoned them. Their appearances would be based off of the gear worn by the character the Legacy Companion is based on.

•Legacy Companions wouldn't be as effective as a properly-geared standard companion, but would be better than a standard companion you didn't hear properly. They aren't meant to be something to replace standard companions, but are still meant to be usable.

•Legacy Companions would show up in cut scenes during missions where standard companions would be, but they would not speak. They would not appear on your ship at all. They aren't truly a part of your story.

•Legacy Companions may emote. Right-clicking their character portrait will bring up the same list of emotes available for players.

•Legacy Companions wouldn't be available until you reach the Fleet for the first time.

As an example: My smuggler, Maaliik, is fresh off of Ord Mantell. I like the idea of his son, my max-level Commando, Dacks, helping him out. So I open the Crew Window and summon Dacks as a Legacy Companion.

This representation of Dacks would appear to be in Trooper Tionese armor, with a color-matched Hoth commendation helmet and Relics of the Gree autocannon, with a cyan-blue color crystal. That's what Dacks is currently equipped with. None of those would affect his Legacy Companion stats, however. He would have the stats of a Commando Legacy Companion of the same level as Maaliik. I'd be better off using a properly-geared Corso Riggs (to offset not having to gear Dacks), but he'd still be good enough to solo with.

What does everyone think of the idea?

Shadow-cp's Avatar

04.04.2013 , 04:06 AM | #2
*clap* *clap* love it! Seems next logical step you said yourself bioware is focused on legacy that is a brilliant idea in my opinion.

DarthAcacius's Avatar

04.04.2013 , 04:07 AM | #3
pretty cool idea to be honest, would make sense and the legacy system would actually mean something other than reputation or legacy achievements.

though it would be more difficult to implement then deciding how to go about make the most of your time with a triple cunted ******

Paokzu's Avatar

04.04.2013 , 04:57 AM | #4
Awesome Idea!
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darkov's Avatar

04.04.2013 , 06:05 AM | #5
It was suggested before, long ago, never got a response that I'm aware of.

I like the idea, but suspect VO would be an issue.

Tracea's Avatar

04.04.2013 , 06:24 AM | #6
And excellent idea! Well thought out too, definitely one for the I wish list. Aside from being a great rp tool.
I don't know the first thing about programming. But if accounting for all of our alts individually was to much,
Maybe BW could provide us with one legacy comp slot, and some sort of drop down option that let you configure you legacy companion to be your alt of choice? Has to be a record of what they look like and wear somewhere in game.

Yep, excellent idea buddy!

Cernow's Avatar

04.04.2013 , 06:32 AM | #7
I love the idea, it would add a wonderful extra dimension to the game. It would also add some much needed companion variety. I've always been slightly bothered by how everyone has their own cloned copy of the class companions and we can't even rename them.

The only problem is that much of the levelling experience is based around regular companions and their responses to your class story and even some side missions. If Legacy Companions are to be used while levelling, it could cause problems with dialogue, alignment gain and affection gain needed to effectively craft. That said, a precedent has already been set with HK-51, so perhaps it wouldn't be a huge problem.

Legacy Companions should have the gear that the actual character has. After all, you can gear your traditional companions up with spare endgame gear and make them more powerful, so I see no problem with Legacy Companions having their own gear.

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04.04.2013 , 06:35 AM | #8
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04.04.2013 , 06:37 AM | #9
Requesting something like this myself with no real answer, i hope they do something like this.

I would like shared companions as well.
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04.04.2013 , 06:42 AM | #10
Reminds me of Guild Wars 1 - a very nice idea!
Thanks for showing us you listen to our feedback, Bioware!
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