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Valor 70 - Pets

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03.31.2013 , 12:32 PM | #1

I haven't yet submitted an in-game ticket about this because I wanted to be sure I wasn't missing something first.

I reached Valor 70 this morning and purchased the Lawgriffarl pet for 2000 ranked commendations and 1000 normal wz commendations, I logged off for a bit, came back and then got enough commendations to get the Lobelisk, however when I went to purchase it, it is saying I cannot afford this item. It costs the same, and I have more commendations of both types then is needed.

Is there some restriction in place such as only being able to have one of the 2 pets or is it simply bugged and I need to file a bug report?

If I do have to file a bug report, is there some way to ensure it gets dealt with and I recieve the pet before 2.0 hits?

Thanks for any answers.

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04.01.2013 , 02:49 AM | #2
Checked it again this morning and it still is saying "you cannot afford this item" when I attempt to buy the Lobelisk, Any ideas?