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War of the Future (IC)

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06.19.2013 , 01:33 PM | #241
Sabrina stopped being in lansar mind, she was had find some thing to look in her reflection in. She then rembered she was by the sea, she ran towards the water. As she reached her the waves, she went out little further do she get clear picture. Sabrina then took deep breath and knelt in the water, and looked at her refelection as water receaded back into the sea.

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06.19.2013 , 03:04 PM | #242
As soon as she looked in the water she was taken back to Coruscant. This time she couldn't escape. Valdek was pulling her along and he still looked like Lanser. Sabrina could catch a glimpse of herself every now and then and she still looked like Lerena.

Valdek: We don't want to be late for our meeting at the senate building.

He dragged her along until he stopped dead in his tracks. The sky became dark and smoke was coming from the Jedi Temple. Imperial ships flooded the sky laying waste to the whole planet. This was the sacking of Coruscant and these two were right in the middle of it. There was a crash near them and Sabrina felt like she had been thrust backwards. She could now see Lerena and Valdek. Sabrina lay on the ground watching the two of them. Lerena looked like herself and Valdek looked like Shan.

A ship flew over head and bombed a pillar the pillar fell crumbling to pieces. One piece knocked Valdek to the ground.

Lerena: Shan!!!

Then a large piece fell and crushed her. She struggled a little but fell cold and died. Valdek stood there petrified by the sight that he didn't notice a fire around him. It engulfed him and his appearance changed slightly. He know looked like the Darth Valdek that Sabrina had stabbed. The flames went around Sabrina and when they disappeared she was back on the beach. But nothing that was there before was there now. It was empty.

Darth Valdek stood talking to a large muscular man in full body armor. He looked like a bounty hunter. He wore a helmet and had all sorts of weapons on him. The two were talking.

Valdek: You must be Galek.

Galek: I am and I assume you are Shan Valdek.

Valdek: I have dropped the first name altogether.

Galek: I see. You say you want to bring and end to both the Republic and Empire?

Valdek: Yes and like I said Credits are no problem I will pay you whatever--

Galek: That won't be necessary. This will be its own reward.

The memory faded and Sabrina was left alone on the beach. She was then approached by Shan.

Shan: The Force works in strange ways. It has brought you here to show why I became what I did. Do you have an questions so far?
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06.19.2013 , 03:20 PM | #243
Where is lansar, and please your not first to lose some thing. I am sith yet I born a slave, lost my family in cortoiss mines. I had to kill my best freind to my past trials, you have no escuse yet for attacking the empire. If your strong enough take from within, or die trying. Sabrina was anouyed this voss was trying to use personal suffering as exuse for attacking the empire.

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06.19.2013 , 09:55 PM | #244
Shan: I am not justifying what he...I did. What I am saying is that the good still left in is calling out to you and Lansar. The force is trying to tell you something. You have seen into little glimpses of my life. I am afraid that you will be stuck here until you see what the force wants you to see.

He looked out over the water. The sun was at a lowered state lighting the planet in a gold. More gold than usual. Shan sighed and turned to Sabrina.

SHan: By now you must realize that you are between worlds. You are neither dead nor alive. You are in a state of the force. I am here to guide you.

He paused and looked back at the empty beach behind them. There were some large rocks near the water and Shan ventured to them and sat down.

Shan: You care about him then?
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"Light From A Few Can Be A Beacon To Many"

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06.20.2013 , 01:09 PM | #245
Yes I care about him, but I also care about the empire. Sabrina then thought for a moment, why did she care about him. She fancied him yes, she liked him he could lead and hold is own and can lead people. He was also force sentive, which made him one of the galaxy elite. Though she new nothing of his code, and would he leave that to join the empire for her. Though their code be complications, as the empire is my home my life. Yes to get my postion requires sacrifces, and more will be asked of me not always nice. Then again our people live in safty and don`t starve, unlike they do in the republic. They treat their slaves worse than we do, and we are honest about it. They give them vote, but never listen to them. Pay them for their work, but never enough so they can save and just enough to get by. Then she wonder and asked the appertion, If we killed Valdek on voss not the planet, and I put lansar on Valdek throne to recover his strength and gave him that tablet. Do you think sudden possiblty of power may helped see thing more my way? She figure at some point she needed to ask about the other man with Valdek, Galek and was he but that could wait a minute.

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06.21.2013 , 09:28 AM | #246
Shan: I have been showing him the same memories you have seen. But he has seen more. He is true to his Order's founding belief. A full understanding of all sides of the force. He has a good heart and fights in the name of justice. He is unbiased and he cares about you. The force has not brought you here to be with him rather it chose you to bring down this great evil and end the plot of destruction.

The waves rocked the shore line as the water became more violent.

Shan: He is here somewhere. and he is waiting for you to see what the force is trying to show you.
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"Light From A Few Can Be A Beacon To Many"

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06.21.2013 , 09:53 AM | #247
Sabrina wanted to see lansar, though she had to ask one about Galek first Who was that other man, who was talking to Valdek. I belive he was called Galek, he seemed to be Valdek ally She really hoped lansar could join the sith empire, as she did not know if she could leave it.

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06.21.2013 , 11:53 AM | #248
Shan: Galek.

As he said the name the water became fierce and they flashed to another memory. Galek was standing with Valdek on the beach again but this was a different memory.

Darth Valdek: I will start a new Empire to consume both the Republic and the Empire here on Voss.

Galek: They should both be brought to their knees first. Let them learn their lesson.

Valdek: No, No I will institute my new Empire here and from there we can achieve conquest.

The memory Flashed forward to the massive ship that Valdek was killed on.

Valdek and Galek stood in the observation deck.

Valdek: The ship can dock under the palace. Only emerge if I tell you. The strike team is here I will deal with them.

Galek: Can you beat them?

Valdek: Of course. They will get to the palace on their own and I will kill them there. They are the galaxy's only chance at stopping me and I will kill them.

Valdek turned and left the deck and headed for a hangar to his shuttle. Galek stood deep in thought.

The memory flashed again. Sabrina was now witnessing the fight on top of the massive ship. Sabrina was then taken to the observation deck again where Galek was monitoring the fight.

Galek: Crash the ship.

Pilot: Sir...?

Galek grabbed the pilot by the throat and forced him to his knees. Then he snapped his neck. He pointed to the co-pilot.

Galek: Take control and crash the ship.

Co-pilot: .....Yessir

He steered the ship down causing the crash that the team witnessed during the fight. The ship crashed and exploded and when it did Sabrina was knocked onto the beach. she lay faced down on the sand in the same spot she and Shan had been talking. Then she heard a voice.

Lanser: Hey, are you alright?
[Jung Ma] Remnants of Hope- Kotta Terress
"Light From A Few Can Be A Beacon To Many"

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06.21.2013 , 03:03 PM | #249
Sabrina gave a faint smile as she saw his face, she was sore this time I think so, but the force granted me a vision of our enemy ally. He is a man name is Galek, and he was on that ship. Sabrina then held out her hand, as into ask for hand in getting up.

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06.23.2013 , 09:57 PM | #250
Lukarna blinked a few times, looking around at the surroundings. feeling something Strange, she then began to Repel down. " Sorry about that, just got lost in thought. "
"Inside of everyone huh? sounds a lot like Madness" - The Kinshin Asura,