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APAC Server Merge and 'Myths' about Ping

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APAC Server Merge and 'Myths' about Ping

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05.12.2013 , 11:21 AM | #41
I play with the highest settings i can on wow and never an issue, swtor i could do that but issue some bad coding causes video card gpu to warm up pretty fast..

I can stand in the middle of stormwind on a busy day on stormrage server and no issues no lag.

who knows it might also be the drivers nvidia keeps spewing out... but thanks for info .
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05.12.2013 , 12:36 PM | #42
I play at full settings, well, I COULD play at full settings, but I don't like shadows or ground clutter much, so I keep them off as a personal preference.

I get an average of 90 ms latency while playing in most areas. In high traffic areas, such as the fleet station, 150 ms at most.

And I live all the way up in Edmonton, Alberta; Canada. I'm further from my server than most Americans are, yet I keep hearing of latency issues.

I really do believe it has more to do with your Internet Service Providers than Bioware. Perhaps a mix of your ISP and the ISP Bioware uses.

Even with my awesome 50 Mbps fiber-optic internet connection with dedicated router (not modem), I still find it hard to visit certain websites during peak user hours, such as early evenings, and especially weekends, due to high internet traffic. Sites such as Netflix or Youtube.

I have less problems with latency in SW:TOR than I do other websites / MMOs.

In fact, I remember having more latency issues playing WoW, than I ever have playing SW:TOR, but then again, I had a less powerful internet connection & PC during my WoW days (2005-2010). Still, I would get frequent lag spikes of up to 1000ms during peak hours while playing WoW. Only 150 ms at most with SW:TOR.

So, you can lay the blame on Bioware on the Hero Engine as much as you want, but really, it comes down to a mix of multiple factors that can affect your gaming experience, not all these factors can be pinned as blame on Bioware.

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05.12.2013 , 02:49 PM | #43
Quote: Originally Posted by CaptRavenous View Post
So, you can lay the blame on Bioware on the Hero Engine as much as you want, but really, it comes down to a mix of multiple factors that can affect your gaming experience, not all these factors can be pinned as blame on Bioware.
As much as I am envious that you have a situation that is close to ideal, the OPs post clarifies why this engine doesn't handle increased latency well.

Eric has specifically said that closing the APAC servers is to increase our player experiance, for most APAC players, playing on the west coast servers will increase our ping by a large margine.

Our ISPs do influence things, no doubt. I am only an hours drive to the physical location of the APAC servers, but I sit generally at 90 ping while alone standing still. That doubles in OPs and goes regularly to 300+ in WZs.

I have already tested Black Talon and other WZs on Harbringer and I get noticable lag jumps in every fight.

Biowares less efficent coding of the game is not the only problem. But it is the root problem when you combine it with closing down APAC servers claiming it will increase my player experiance when it clearly won't.
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06.03.2013 , 07:58 PM | #44
I dunno if it's relevant and I know others have given examples already but I'm gonna bore you with another to state my opinion of this server merge crap.

I play on DALBORRA (APAC PvE server) and in the busiest area at about the time when everyone's playing (usually fleet) I usually rank about 30-40ms screwing around (dancing, emote whoring, random healing and rescuing on my sage, engaging in random GENERAL channel banter and babble). When I heard about the server merge and that most Dalborrans would be going to Harbinger I decided to roll a character there and play around with it for a bit. Got it high enough to get to fleet and my ms rating was jumping around anywhere between 300-500. Completely unacceptable because if this changes the rate at which my packets are going to be sending (since I'm my guild's top interrupter during ops) interrupting must-interrupt-or-get-one-shotted abilities is going to be nigh impossible to pull off in time.
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