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CH2 Bug? [Spoilers]

DrunkNIrishMan's Avatar

03.28.2013 , 04:38 PM | #1
So I just finished chapter 2 of the BH story. Walking into the party on Nar Shadaa gave me a serious 'Godfather' vibe, I knew
But anyway, ran back to the ship, saw the Chancellor's holocast and decided to kick some ***. Now I got two quests at this point, one to go to the Tyrant and the other to go to the Fleet and receive my chapter 2 reward. Because I love shiny things, I went to the Fleet first. And all I got was 1800XP! Is that normal? I got the title Republic's Most Wanted after the holocomm cutscene, but nothing tangible.

This leads to the next problem/bug. After talking with Darth whats-his-name and being assigned the first target on Belsavis, my codex updates and awards me the 'The Relentless' title, which seems to be the end of Chapter 3 title. Anyone else experience this?