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<Rofls and Pwncakes> Recruiting good players and cocky dick heads... must be funny.

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<Rofls and Pwncakes> Recruiting good players and cocky dick heads... must be funny.

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03.27.2013 , 09:40 PM | #1
Hello all,

Betrayl/Trayya here GM of <Rofls and Pwncakes>.

Who are <Rofls and Pwncakes>?
We are a small group of friends who met playing SWTOR. Some of us are RL friends, and some of us have become RL friends since we met online. We enjoy running operations as well as pvp'ing. We may occasionally troll gen chat or talk some **** in pvp... "/e **** your couch Spliffy" also "Bag of *****". If you don't understand it's ok you will one day if you get to know us.

Why should you join?
You mean other then the fact that we are super entertaining? If you aren't sensitive, an elitist jerk, and you do have a decent sense of humor you will fit in great with our guildies. We all have alts at different levels will be taking advantage of double xp weekends, so if you want someone to level with we can do that. I think all of our members enjoy pvp'ing on their 50's, so if you want to pvp we do that. If you are looking for a group to run ops with we do that as well.

My goals for the guild!
Lately I will be honest I have been slacking. I've just had a lot of RL things going on and our numbers have dwindled because of it. It is my fault but RL has always been and will always be first for me and for my members. I actually even thought about disbanding the guild and putting in an application to a more distinguished pve guild on the server or transferring servers all together, but I had a long talk with Sheen, our other GM/my best friend, and we decided <Rofls and Pwncakes> was going to make it. That being said here I am and I am dedicated, We aren't going anywhere. So here are my goals...
1. First and foremost to have a large active community. I want to be able to log on at a given time and see a fair amount of guildies online preferably helping each other. a group of 4 leveling. Some 50's running a flashpoint together. Pvp groups going on. Of course there better be hilarious chatter in guild chat as well.

2. Form both a legit 8 and good 16 man progression ops groups. I want these groups to work well together and talk to each other to get through content. Self aware players who take and give constructive criticism well. I like people who aren't afraid to say "this isn't working because when this happens I can't see blabla to heal him can we try tanking him somewhere else." just an example but you get the point. Dps who know what is going on around them and don't just mindlessly enter their rotation. Groups that get through content. I still want jokes to be thrown back and forth during these ops though. This is after all a game. It should be fun.

3. Some kind of Ranked PVP Team. I will not be an elitist and say "you can't come because your class sucks." That is not and will never be me if that means we get steamrolled so be it... I firmly believe that in the right hands any class can be deadly/effective maybe it won't put up the beast numbers that doesn't mean the team won't win. Sorry tangent, but yes I want a group of guys who are interested and geared for running RWZ's.

So this being said...

Who are we looking for?
well we are recruiting players of all class and level as long as they plan on staying active. To accomplish what I want to accomplish we will need a large community so we are recruiting anyone and everyone. If you are interested in Running Ops what we really need right now Is 2 RDPS preferably at least one sniper. possibly a healer need to see if a guildy is committed or not. I would like for them to have some raid experience and be ready to jump into TFB HM however I have no problem gearing up a good aware player who plans to stick around. For a 16m team we need all roles. As far as pvp'ers go... if you are looking for RWZ's right now... this isn't the place for you. If you want to pvp with a fun group of players while you develop your skills and get your gear straight while we build a ranked team come on over.

If you have any more questions or you think this may be a fit for you then please whisper me in game on either Betrayl or Trayya. You can also whisper Sheen'kid. Or just /w Rofls and Pwncakes and ask if you can get in touch with an officer. You can also just pm me on the forums, or reply on this thread. You can put in an application at our website as well Sorry in advanced for the website. I need to get on that. Any ways look forward to meeting some new players/friends and hopefully picking up some pvp'ers and raiders.

Also... "We're here to **** **** up!"