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Day 1 people please post reply...

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Day 1 people please post reply...

Rewzter's Avatar

03.27.2013 , 01:27 AM | #1
I have been here since open BETA and pre-launch. I am just wondering how many have stuck with it and what are your thoughts? I know I have a few and will elaborate with other posts. I have paid my monthly all the way through but is really worth it?

pan_sObak's Avatar

03.27.2013 , 01:46 AM | #2
i started not from the Day1 but a week or two later
suscriber all the way

mainly alt-ing and run for now not every ops in the game
do not like pvp at all
crafting IMHO is killed in the game and no fun now

i like the game
it worth that money

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ScarletBlaze's Avatar

03.27.2013 , 01:48 AM | #3
been here before launch and still enjoy playing. The guild members that originally started the guild are still playing with me as well. We don't play as often as we like due to r/l obligations but we still enjoying playing with each other.
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-DarK-HorsE-'s Avatar

03.27.2013 , 02:18 AM | #4
Here since shortly after launch. First guild died, second assumed command. Got burnt out moved servers loving it again. PvP is great once you find your perfect fit toon. PvE Meh you can only do the exact same thing so many times before it gets old. But I have tested S&V and am excited to teach the new content to my guild. Crafting= worthless.

The attitude of gen pop... well I won't even go there. Still sub, still have fun but if something even remotely similar comes along I will probably bounce.
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DarthFamine's Avatar

03.27.2013 , 05:30 AM | #5
beta tester here
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Twickers's Avatar

03.27.2013 , 05:51 AM | #6
day 1 player here, still enjoyin the game
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Ziso's Avatar

03.27.2013 , 06:12 AM | #7
Been in Tor since early access.
Our guild of 7 years, Unity, came across to Tor when Star Wars Galaxies closed and we have been here, ever present since. We are approaching our 8th anniversary as a guild on 3rd May.
We were a mixed faction guild in SWG so rather than choose a side here, we wanted to give members a choice so we created Unity on the Republic side and Dark Unity on the Empire side, both on Red Eclipse.

The first six months was hard work for us. Officers we had in place prior to the launch, those we knew well from our old game decided the game was not for them and most left, and we noticed the turnover of players was extremly high, especially with level 50s but i think thats been well documented in the past as no end game for them.
We stuck at it though, continued to replace Ops leaders and officers from within the guild when positions opened and recruited well, mostly via the Server forums here on the official site.
We were lucky in that we were an experienced guild and the guild is well run by many, not just 1 or 2. Example is we have a guild leader, a deputy leader (me), and a senate of senior members from the games we are in (now here and lotro). We then have 5 officers per faction so each is run as well as the other and a team of Ops leaders. So if a few leave they are replaced and the guild continues. I think this system is what got us through the first 6 months.

Thanks to the hard work of alot of members, we are now very very active and have a great community. We are getting upto 30 members online peak times on both factions, run the same op on both factions 3 times a week (Tuesdays Storymode for newer 50s), Sundays and Thursdays alternating the others in HM/NiM and do about 2-3 planet datacron runs a week for all levels of players and encourage members to post own events using our forums ie flashpoint groups, world boss runs.

At this present time, we are probably at the best we have been in Tor and its been like this for a few months now but due to our hard work and effort in providing a wide range of activities weekly for members we are starting to have issues with ingame guild features.

1. The Guild cap of 500 is way way too low when you consider 1 player can have 16 characters. We have guild management in place and remove inactive members if they go to 70 days but we still have around 485+ members on each side. Our kinship in Lotro has a guild cap of 5000 as an example.
We do not recruit via general chat, only via really our forum thread here and also word of mouth, friends of those joining us often want to join also.
We have done ticket after ticket, our guild leader has sent a letter of complaint in, but zero response.
We will soon be at the point of turning away players as we will be full. Once that happens a part of us and what we stand for will die and perhaps, just perhaps, if another mmorpg comes out better suited to larger guilds we may have to consider it if the cap remains low here.
2. Ingame guild tools we find really poor. No Guild email after 15 months as an example. Message of the day is poor and not enough characters on it to type. We get around this though by using our website.
To join us you must fill in an application on our website. Once approved this means you have forum access and from day 1 we have had to use our websites forums for events as just dont have the features ingame. ie Ops we post in advance for signups, stating min gear requirements and other info. Cant do that ingame.

We all enjoy the game, or we would not be playing it, but coming from SWG where we used to do regular server events there, i really wish the add the social aspects into Tor.
1. Need mini games/pazzaak. We currently play pazzaak via external link and teamspeak once a month as a guild event but be much better inside a cantina in Tor to play.
2. Guild Ships. We need a place to call home, somewhere we can have meetings, something we can all work at as a collective and grow/better. Those who played SWG and had housing and lived inside a city for years will understand mostly. I was Mayor of the servers largest and most active city back in SWG and the pride players took living there really added something to thier gameplay. A home they could decorate as they saw fit. Ships are okay but very very limited at present.

We can only see Tor getting better than it is now and we plan on sticking around for years to come yet. The only downside we have at the moment is the guild cap issue which could become a major issue for us soon if not addressed by bioware. The current 5% xp for being in a guild is a nice touch in 2.0 but i would not have this as a priority for guilds, the cap issue should be priority as by posting in suggestions, it seems a few guilds are having same issue as us. That aside, all looks good and is going well

Yodabounce's Avatar

03.27.2013 , 08:44 AM | #8
I was a beta tester for the last weekend before launch and have been a subscriber ever since. I have found it is worth the benefits of being a subscriber. I just hope they start to offer up more gear to maybe a subscriber vendor and update that as much as they are updating the CM. Still having a blast with the game and I play when I have time. I have 1 toon leveled to 50 and 3 others ranging from 1 to 43. I don't use the toon too much after 50 cause of lack of time and leveling the other characters. I hope bioware can keep up the good work but just add a little extra for the subscribers.
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DarthSpooky's Avatar

03.27.2013 , 10:03 AM | #9
Summer 2011 beta + Prelaunch + Collectors Edition + Never Not Subscribed... Oh and Day 1 Makeb purchase
What can I say, I like being a Sith Lord?
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borntwokillsamos's Avatar

03.27.2013 , 10:07 AM | #10
pre ordered on first day of pre orders and been here since beta... did take a break in the middle.

still love the game. just wish they would improve guild activitys/achievments and stuff.... seems like been in a guild gives no rewards atm... and since launch other than that love this game
Well done EA. F2P worked get over it. Now start adding the stuff that was promised since launch!