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Suggestion: Flashpoint "repaired" Droids

coggermour's Avatar

03.26.2013 , 08:24 AM | #1
I have a suggestion that would be very useful in my opinion on some of the lower level FlashPoints.
On some missions like Athiss and Mandolorian Raiders if you have the scavenging skill u have the option to repair broken droids (on others u can use slicing to free captured people) These are great features and it helps the group out for the most part by having an extra gun, or healer or if anything else something to take a bit of damage for you.
My problem with them is that when you try to CC or stun or force lift or...etc. they will immediately attack the target that u have Incapacitated, rendering it useless and VERY unhelpful for the team or group you are with. Many times I have bypassed repairing the droids as it would be more counterproductive that bringing them with.
I think it would be fantastic if you could program them like a companion is programed so they do not attack incapacitated enemies.
Also a seconds thing that might be useful (but not needed, just food for thought) is to give these "bonus companions" a displayed health bar like a normal companion, so if they are helping the group a healer might try to keep them alive without having to look around to see how much life they have left.

Again, these are small and minor details, but Iíve found its the smaller details that get and keep people Immersed into the games that they love.
Thank you for your time