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[Heavy RP-PvP] New Empire Resurgence - Empire Order

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[Heavy RP-PvP] New Empire Resurgence - Empire Order

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03.26.2013 , 05:17 AM | #1
*minor spoilers about Malgus' history


In our age, and many ages past, great minds have served the Empire. They have pushed us forward, opened new horizons, and blessed us with profound knowledge.
Though all minds are prone to falter, moreso with the weight of the Empire's expectations on their shoulders.
Darth Malgus, the case in question here. The Darth was notable for more reasons than most, his strength in force, his exemplar leadership of the military and his tremendous achievements thrusting the Empire into superiority, and the Republic to it's knees.

"After a thousand years, Korriban is ours again."
―Malgus, following the fall of Korriban

It was the great Darth Malgus who lead the Imperial Forces, following his Master's failure, to secure our ancient Sith Capital, we forced our way back into the galaxy and since, we have been feared and revered.

"You were deceived. And now, your Republic shall fall."
―Darth Malgus to Ven Zallow

The Sacking of Coruscant
Our glorious Empire's cunning, deception and glorious invasion brought the Republic to whimpering on it's knees. The treaty of Coruscant was signed, and seeds of dissent sewn across the galaxy, outer worlds began doubting the Republic's power, and many worlds were signed over to our dominion.
The assault on the capital was lead by Darth Malgus, the fearsome warrior, who stood before a Temple of Jedi, and returned not only victorious, but against the backdrop of a decimated Republic Capital.

"You are a mongrel, Adraas. Angral's mongrel and you and those like you have mongrelized the purity of the Empire with your pollution, trading strength for wretched peace."
―Darth Malgus, to Adraas

During the 'Peace Time' that followed the Treaty of Coruscant, Darth Malgus distanced himself from the power games, plots and infighting that plagued the Sith vying for a seat on the Dark Council. He instead lead the forces of the Empire into the Unknown Regions, capturing new territories for the Empire and expanding the Sith's influence.
His forces often were at odds to standard Imperial military groups, in that he employed various Alien species, such as the Kaleesh as mercenaries for his forces. These were thought by the majority of the Imperials to be deceitful, disloyal and unworthy of trust.
Though his Forces proved successful on numerous counts, such as in the operations on Hammer Station and the claim the Foundry and defeating its master.

"Fellow Sith, citizens of the Empire, too long the strength of the Empire has been beholden to the infighting of the Dark Council and the disappearance of an apathetic Emperor. Sith, children of Sith, warriors everywhere, I declare a new Empire opened to all who long the conquest, freedom from inhibition and the right to follow that passion. The Dark Council is dissolved, those who will join Darth Serevin and supporting me, cast aside your titles and let me lead you to victory."
―Darth Malgus

Following the thwarted invasion of Ilum by his nemesis Darth Arho, Darth Malgus pressed on the acquisition of valuable Adegan crystals, to create a stealth armada that would be undefeatable. Once the crystal stockpiles were secured, Darth Malgus broke away from the Empire with his ally Darth Serevin after a great speech announcing a new Empire, with himself at it's head. He was defeated in the Empire's retaliation, in which a strike team boarded his space station and his New Empire was thwarted so.
Darth Malgus' New Empire may just be a best-forgotten memory, though the Battle for Ilum between Empire and Republic still rages on viciously, spurred on ever moreso by the timely Gree Observatory Force.
Amongst the fighting, forces led by a pair of decorated Commanders, Commander Danthar and Darth Harenz Auten pursue a trio of Jedi into the abandoned ruins of Malgus' former Ilum Base. With the Jedi and their escort dispatched, a moment was left aside to search the base, look over the frozen corpses and access the terminals, all detailing the arduous siege of the past. Journals were found, speeches from Malgus to his forces, ingenious ideas of scientists gathered from across the galaxy, of all species. The fruits of Malgus' labours, however short-lived were laid out before the Imperial Party.
Malgus' genius, though stifled by his approach, was clear. His ideals should not be allowed to fade out of existence, suppressed by infighting traditionalists.
The party decided that whilst Malgus' ideas should be preserved and reinstated, they had to be adapted. They decided to preach the following.

1. No Race, Bloodline or Connection proves one's worth, only their power, strength and skills may determine such.
2. The Empire should forge alliances with other races and organisations, if they show the will and strength to fight and aid in the destruction of the Republic
3. Malgus' approach clearly had it's flaws, but is understood that his actions were the singular option in his situation.
4. Malgus' methods are dispraised, the Emperor's eternal power and wisdom are to be revered, though we see that the Empure must be reborn and united to offer any real challenge to the Republic one again.
5. We must demonstrate that violence is not the single option of the Empire, but that diplomacy is viable, we must build as well as destroy in order to cement our domination.

And so, the collective agreed upon these beliefs and began to spread their message across the Empire, to heed the thoughts of the great Darth who brought the Republic to its knees. Now, based out of a structure battered by the snows of Ilum, the spawned Order grows.

1. <New Empire Resurgence> is Heavy-RP-PvP guild, focused around great character of Darth Malgus. As guild our goal is create cross-faction RP, but also relations within and outside the guild. We want our guild to be addition to our server RP.
2. Our guild, as it will build in numbers offer:
3. Guild Roleplay is important, but we will be focused mostly on interaction with other guilds on the Republic or the Empire side.
4. We want to break the wall of seperation between Sith and Imperial RP, following this - all events in the guild will be for all players.
5. We welcome people on any level - we only require being a Roleplayer and accepting our rules as guild and community.
6. Soon, we will also start with PvP premades as we support PvP in RP. We will be also encouraging people to learn PvP and will help them with this part of the game. What is very important - we WON'T force you to PvP.
7. There is also option for weekly Operations, since there are people interested in it.
8. Even though we are Heavy Roleplay guild, community and fun are more important for us than RP.
9. We welcome any class or character, which find itself fitting our Order.

For more information, please visit: or contact: Lealiana or Harenz in-game.
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