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Who cares about 'play-style' if the ping and the overall service sucks?

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Who cares about 'play-style' if the ping and the overall service sucks?

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03.25.2013 , 11:09 PM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by Thebetts View Post
If you guys want to complain about latency, I challenge you to go roll a toon on Harbinger and play for an hour, you'll notice that your latency sits at around 120-140, and if you notice any difference, then kudos to you, because I haven't noticed anything even mildly game disrupting.

If you have/do, and you still have problems, then yeah, feel free to complain, however, I'm in a ruralish area of Queensland, in Australia, and I am having absolutely no issues at all on the toon I rolled to test the server out.

While I do, DEFINITELY agree, that they should scrap this whole merge, and just merge the three APAC servers instead, I'm going to be one of the Dalborran players who shelves my complaining and continues to enjoy the game.

Call me an idiot, call me blind, call me whatever the hell you want, all I'm saying is, try it out before you just psyche out and rage-quit over an issue this small.
Latency is the most important thing when you're playing online so it is NOT SMALL ISSUE. Not all have the same amount of ping that you have, and with that kind of ping you can tell theres a slight delay, this is intolerable for hardcore player.

if you didnt notice anything then maybe you're just a casual player who doesnt pvp that much.
Unsubscribed 26-03-2013 in Protest to APAC server closure.
7th April 2013, 5PM AEDT Dalborra

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03.25.2013 , 11:15 PM | #22
I PvP very regularly, and whilst I wouldn't consider myself a hardcore PvP enthusiast (you won't ever catch me licking boots to try and get into a PvP guild), I definitely get competitive, and the Latency issues between the two servers is still almost non-existent.

After PvPing on BOTH servers (extensively on Dalborra, minimally on Harbinger), I've only noticed an almost infinitesimal difference in my performance.

I'm not trying to claim that everyone has the same connection (I've got a terrible connection, so I guess that's why I thought most other people would be at, or similar to my latency), all I'm saying is, so far, the difference in performance in MY experience has been negligible.

Obviously I'm some sort of insane wizard or something.

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03.26.2013 , 05:35 AM | #23
Quote: Originally Posted by aVmuse View Post
what is ping around brisbane 70-90? then harbingers is 180?
>say's no difference
>quite obvious difference.
i live in melbourne my ping to aus servers is 15 to 25 ms
on west cost us servers its 170 to 300
i will notice the difference


03.26.2013 , 04:08 PM | #24
I've unsubdued, yet still have some time available, so will most likely get to see these changes of which they speak.

I 've said it from the start to all my friends who came over from WoW then went back.....if they created a cross server queuing system, there would be no issues with low population servers, as ppl would have faster queue times for WZs and FPs. They could even incorporate it into grp finder.... which they should have done as it was supposed to be a fix for PVE queuing.....

After everything that has happened to Dalbora server users (glitches galore, a PVP system that was bugged for weeks; said was fixed only to glitch and be shut down again) I can't believe how they have tried to solve their lack of income and the exodus of many players.

I am seeing a regular pattern here.... They lose players and subs, then they bring something in to make money off the remaining players to make up for the revenue loss (cartel market), then they close APAC servers to save money because they couldn't be bothered spending money to create a cross server queuing system, then they expect ppl to pay for higher ping, only to see more ppl leave.....

This game is dying due to poor management and it's obvious they are doing all they can to get as much money out of the people who have stuck around, to cover the amount of money that was spent making it.