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lvl 11 and dont have a ship

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lvl 11 and dont have a ship

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03.25.2013 , 02:50 PM | #1
I'm lvl 11 and don't have a ship. I'm on corasont now and have no way off world. When i hit lvl 10 i used the fleet pass to get to the fleet. I did not complete the main mission in the beginning... I need help plz.

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03.25.2013 , 03:49 PM | #2
You don't get your ship until the end of the Class Quest on Coruscant. You need to use the Shuttle in the same sector as the Senate Tower (opposite side of the map from the Senate Tower, in the Spaceport) to get back to Fleet.
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03.25.2013 , 05:16 PM | #3
ahhhhhhhhh thank you sorry for panicing