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APAC Announcement

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03.25.2013 , 11:33 AM | #1
Quote: Originally Posted by EricMusco View Post
Hey everyone,

I have an update for you on our long term plans for the APAC servers. Before I do that though I want to let you know up front that we still have quite a bit of work to do to make this happen so I cannot provide any timeframes for you today.

We know that when we asked you, the community, for your opinions on what we should do, we received quite a variety of suggested solutions. Some people wanted to be able to transfer to higher populated North American servers, some suggested merging the three existing APAC servers into one large APAC server, and then there were a host of other ideas as well. However, the one common theme from the suggestions, which we heard clearly, is that everyone wants the opportunity to play on higher populated servers. With this in mind, we have evaluated all of the options and determined that the best solution, that will offer the best long term play experience, is to merge the APAC servers with higher populated North American servers.

Getting to the point of being able to merge the servers is going to be a multistep process. First off we need to update our Free Character Transfer System to include the game changes that we have made recently along with the upcoming changes in Game Update 2.0 and the Digital Expansion: Rise of the Hutt Cartel. We will then offer Free Character Transfers to anyone currently playing on an APAC server to a North American server of the same gameplay type, specifically:
  • Mastar Dar’Nala (PvP) will transfer to The Bastion (PvP)
  • Gav Daragon (RP-PvE) will transfer to Begeren Colony (RP-PvE)
  • Dalborra (PvE) will transfer to The Harbinger (PvE)
We will also need to update our server merge technology at which point we will ultimately merge each of the APAC servers into the corresponding North American servers as indicated above. We are moving as quickly as we can to make this happen, but we want to make sure this is a smooth transition, so it will take some time.

Why did we decide not to merge the three APAC servers into one large APAC server? We decided this for two main reasons. 1. The issue in doing this is that two play-styles (PvE, PvE-RP, or PvP) would need to sacrifice their desired play-style in order to have one server with a higher population. We feel that it is important that each player is allowed to continue to play SWTOR in their preferred play-style. Therefore, accommodating all the existing play-styles was a primary goal. By allowing you to move to a NA West server, you will be able to keep your play-style. 2. The move to North American servers better delivers on our ultimate goal of providing the best play experience, with the most possible players, long term.

I will continue to provide updates as soon as I have them. I know the next big question will be “when” and as soon as I have that information to release, I will do so. Thank you for your continued patience on this. I know it took longer than you would have liked but I intend to continue to give you information as soon as I can!

Welp. There goes my 13ms ping, my character names, people knowing who I am... ...

Where's my taunt?

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03.25.2013 , 12:29 PM | #2
thanks for killing pvp for APAC players

can't wait for my ping to increase by 500%

and there goes playing infil
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03.25.2013 , 12:35 PM | #3
well this sucks so much ***, going to be so pissed to have to play with 200+ms in a WZ, guess everyone here's in the same boat and basicly can't play melee anymore. time to find a new game if I don't atleast get to keep my names.

now the real question rises, is it worth paying to go to The Bastion for me where the reps rule, this will be a hard choice.

[edit] after going to harbringer all my names are taken, more things that suck
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03.25.2013 , 12:35 PM | #4
I'm devastated

All excitement for the expansion and future of this game died today.

Condolences APAC community and the ping we leave behind.

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03.25.2013 , 12:56 PM | #5
Quote: Originally Posted by Punchy View Post
Welp. There goes my 13ms ping, my character names, people knowing who I am... ...
There goes my subscription.

To the people I play with: I've had a great time, and I wish you all the best, whether you continue on an NA server or move on to something else. Some of you I'll still talk to outside the game of course

I doubt I'll be around much from now on though. I have 60 days of sub left, but frankly I have zero enthusiasm for the game now. SWTOR is over for me... much sooner than I expected.
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03.25.2013 , 01:52 PM | #6
First I read the PTS is closing (no Madness Assassin fix)... and now this. They seem to have a habit of stringing people along for months without giving a straight answer when they clearly had it all along.

Nevertheless, it was a good run. o/

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03.25.2013 , 02:15 PM | #7
Well hello high ping - and hello Elder Scrolls online...
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03.25.2013 , 02:24 PM | #8
Ew. Ew. Ew.

I play swtor because of the low ping for AP. Hopefully Elders scrolls releases AP servers .

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03.25.2013 , 02:27 PM | #9
Freedom...... o.O
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03.25.2013 , 02:29 PM | #10
I won't be quitting. I started on NA servers. I have put in to much effort. Plus no other game catches my eye ATM