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Suggestions on main character

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Suggestions on main character

Clonecaptia's Avatar

03.23.2013 , 01:45 PM | #1
I just wanted to hear some peoples thoughts on which character i should have as my main.
I have played all 8 ac's to lvl 15, some further than 15 and im not sure which ones to carry on with.

I have a sage, gunslinger, sentinel , vanguard (lvl28), juggernaut(lvl28), operative, mercenary and an assassin.

I would like a class which can do a fair amount of damage but also some survivability too. I do both PVE and PVP but focusing more towards PVP. I quite like staying out of main combat and using ranged attacks but it is not too big an issue. I like stealth but again it is not a requirement. One thing is a find vanguard and sentinel get a bit boring after a while so they are probably less likely to be my main. Taking into account storyline ,companions, etc, which character do you guys think should be my main? And ideas would be appreciated.

esirrom's Avatar

03.23.2013 , 01:59 PM | #2
Personal prefrence...I love my gunslinger. it gives you great ranged attacks, alot of escape or shielding abilities, and depending on which skill tree you climb will determin if you act like a turret (SS) or are more mobile (df and sab). The survivability comes from just staying away from people running towards you and while in cover those with glow bats cant jump to you.

Clonecaptia's Avatar

03.24.2013 , 05:08 AM | #3
My sage and gunslinger are on a PvP server if it makes much difference. I also heard that gunslingers are not as good as sages when it comes to endgame and so sages are preferred, is this true?