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Sovereign (Bergeren Colony) LF Progression Tank

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Sovereign (Bergeren Colony) LF Progression Tank

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03.22.2013 , 12:18 PM | #1
Sovereign is an Empire guild on the Bergeren Colony server. We are a progressive PVE/PVP guild and we have completed all content the game has to offer. Our guild is very outgoing, friendly, and willing to help it's members in any way possible. We are also able to craft everything for guildies that is 63 grade.

Our guild recently lost one of our tanks and the alternate for the progression group to work and a change in schedule. We have raids/content going daily (usually about 6:00 Pacific Time). Our main group still has the 7 members in tact, as well as alternate and capable dps and healers. Sovereign has 3 raid groups that each raid 3-4 nights per week depending on schedules. We consistently down NiM EC and have the Warstalker Title for 15 of our members. We are also a very competitive PVP guild and run group content regularly ie Ilum Xeno, Dreadtooth, etc. Please visit our website at Any applicants can submit emails to Domitian via the website.

Best Regards,