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Fleet Reputation rewards disapointment

KomariJade's Avatar

03.21.2013 , 08:43 PM | #1
let me start by saying i really enjoy space missions (even in the on rails form) and i've been grinding rep non stop since it was added. and i'm already waiting for new ones.

that said i cant help but notice that there is no longer any gear that one cant get through other means.(mostly cartel items) for those that work for top ranks or large amounts of fleet commendations. so in short there are No: Unique gear pieces, Mounts, Pets, or even Weapons. all im asking for is something for those of us who are grinding out rep to show off our efforts.

1: Completely Unique gear set
1: Unique Mount (unique model would be nice)
1 or 2: unique model ships (Capital ship of each faction) or a neutral ship (not sure what that might be)
weapons would be icing on the cake.
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AshlaBoga's Avatar

03.22.2013 , 11:00 PM | #2
The Voss Reputation system is worse, a Brown version of the Voss Social set that requires Champion status?

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Nel-Luc's Avatar

03.23.2013 , 01:31 AM | #3
I agree with both of you. I've maxed rep with the Voss and will be mexed with the RHA in nine days. Right now I'll I have is barging rights, but I need to challenge those people who park their Gree Cube and Cartel Luxary Skiff speeders with something. I am a fan of the helmet, but only because I'm on the pub side and we can't get a helm that looks like it.