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Sniper Vs. Operative w/ HK-51 companion??

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Sniper Vs. Operative w/ HK-51 companion??

JuanFernandez's Avatar

03.21.2013 , 12:14 PM | #1
I am almost done with the HK-51 questline. I am definitely going Agent not just because of the story that I heard good things about but because I love the mechanics of both but here is my dilemma. I havent got far in both and I am planning to start from scratch. My question is with the HK-51, that I hear is so overpowered, which would be the ideal advanced class for SOLOING H2+, MAYBE H4+ and PVP... PLUS champions in between??

Katrasle's Avatar

03.21.2013 , 11:44 PM | #2
I think an operative would be best. Most likely you will need at least some form of healing in order to do heroics solo and an operative can provide that. As a sniper I solo all of the 50 heroics (except for section x because it isn't possible) but I have to use Dr. Lokin.

verfallen's Avatar

03.22.2013 , 02:22 AM | #3
My operative is now on tatooine and with HK i've soloed all the h4 so far. Easily too. Makes a good duo since he is an heavy armor dps pretty much, and can take a beating. He won't make much aoe threat but he reduces pack rather fast so you can just heal yourself.

BambulaGTS's Avatar

03.22.2013 , 03:30 AM | #4
You power lies not in particular companion, but in a fact of having companion, e.g. legacy skills.

From general point of view, ability of heal plays tremenduosly big role in soloing something, with sniper it will be harder but doable.