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State of the Game #3

First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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03.21.2013 , 09:50 AM | #61
Quote: Originally Posted by dondrako View Post
Any chance that older cartel packs will include the reputation tokens ?
Currently nobody buys the older cartel packs, Malak gear outfit is filling the GTN while Despot, Revan, Phantom etc outfits dwindles.

Seems a bad idea to include the reputation tokens in just ONE pack, dont you think ?
That's the point. They're increasing the value and rarity of the old items as they remove the packs. They will be removing shipment one packs soon anyway.
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03.21.2013 , 09:50 AM | #62
And Im happy to announce that well be introducing several new features along the way, like a new customization feature, which will allow you to change your character's hair style, eye color, body type, or even species (including the upcoming Cathar!) using Cartel Coins. Look for it in early summer.
Wow... so the people who have been here since day 1 and have been "stuck" with their current look they will be shafted?
Here's a suggestion, everyone with 6 months of playtime get 1 free customization for that toon.
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03.21.2013 , 09:51 AM | #63
STOP making content subscribers have to pay for ON TOP of their subscription fee. We are NOT getting our money's worth!

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03.21.2013 , 09:52 AM | #64
Quote: Originally Posted by Lium View Post
Holy crap! Sorry for the double post but I went back and read all the responses in this thread complaining about the barbershop feature only being available on the CM.

Based on what I've read, I have come to the conclusion that the vast majority of you are completely new to F2P MMOs. Because I also play DCUO and Tera and have dabbled in LOTRO. And pretty much any character customization you want you have to purchase from the in-game store.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not defending it, just saying this is standard practice. Do you guys not play other MMOs?
I came here from Everquest II after playing there for almost 9 years. I still play there on occaision. SOE pretty much has set the standard for games and the FTP model over the last couple of years and Everquest II allows you to do a full body remake ( face, hair, colors, size, etc ) for in game currency and they always have. It costs a little over 1 gold piece, very trivial considering the in game economy. They do charge for a race change though via the station store ( same thing as our cartel market here).

I would be completely in favor of Bioware charging us for a species change, especially if they are planning on releasing more species in the future. As far as just using a "barber shop" feature to change hair style or eye color I would rather see that done with in game currency. They could add a beautician NPC to be placed around the various planets, on fleet, or even as a ship companion.


03.21.2013 , 09:52 AM | #65
Fix green lightsaber crystals please!

New re-customization option is great news. Thank you.

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03.21.2013 , 09:54 AM | #66
I'm happy about the re-customization features coming, but damn that read was uninspiring.

No mention of any new content? Just a focus on quality of life?

And the 6 week content update was suddenly changed to an 8 week? Without any mention as to why? Just acting like that's the way it's been since it was announced...
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03.21.2013 , 09:54 AM | #67
We know that there are still a lot of things we need to do to make playing Star Wars: The Old Republic the best experience it can be. We hear you on features such as hood toggle (as one example of many), Asia Pacific server populations (we are actively looking into solutions that make the most sense given our current tech and should have an announcement soon.
Thank you Mr. Hickman! :')

I wonder if the new re-customization will allow us to sport new hairstyles, scars and faces!
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03.21.2013 , 09:55 AM | #68
Quote: Originally Posted by Tommot View Post
I'm happy about the re-customization features coming, but damn that read was uninspiring.

No mention of any new content? Just a focus on quality of life?

And the 6 week content update was suddenly changed to an 8 week? Without any mention as to why? Just acting like that's the way it's been since it was announced...

It was more of "6-8 weeks" and not just 6 weeks.
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03.21.2013 , 09:56 AM | #69
Quote: Originally Posted by Tommot View Post
And the 6 week content update was suddenly changed to an 8 week? Without any mention as to why? Just acting like that's the way it's been since it was announced...
"We are hitting our 6-8 content release schedule pretty good. There will be a 9 week window between the game update (1.6) landing before the holidays and the update after the holidays (1.7) since we want to give our guys the holiday off since they were all here last year. We will aim for 6 weeks but will go for 8 weeks for quality issues etc."
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03.21.2013 , 09:57 AM | #70
Quote: Originally Posted by Kingopersia View Post
Customizing your character (post - rolling) is pretty cool but I don't think they should charge cartel coins for it. It seems they're really pushing everything with cartel coins which is ok but prices are expensive. I think they should push the cartel market just a little less with the current prices in the sense that they should lower prices or add more defining things rather than just cosmetics. Give us something that really gives us an edge, something really worth our money. I'm already paying $15 a month so I don't need to buy weekly passes or anything but I do like to buy stuff like XP boosts or the cartel rep stuff. Those are good, because they progress you through the game like better gear and more items. Cartel coins for legacy perks is good though, that's cool. Something cool would be paying cartel coins for the ability to do a long quest chain that leads to a really great item that will change gameplay like rocket boots that can be used in PVP; something that really changes the game...not just a speeder with camo on it or a pet that follows you around. Although, a speeder that's faster than any other speeder and only in the cartel market, that would be good. Once again, just make more useful things sold in the Cartel Market. Overall, I think Bioware is on the right track. Keep improving the game and I'll keep playing.
I think generally that's a bad idea, and it's stuff like that that has killed other F2P mmo's for me when I went in (and it killed WOW), luckily it's not a pit they've fallen into...yet. Some of the ideas are good like faster speeders, but they shouldn't offer anything like super good gear because that would have a huge negative impact on game balance. If you let really good items be sold on a public market like that for real money you're giving an unfair advantage to a certain demographic of players. The very thing that ruined WOW for me and made it super casual. MMO's are about community and character progression and I firmly believe you should have to work for gear, otherwise it turns into a boring easy mode button masher like WOW has become.