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State of the Game #3

First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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03.25.2013 , 09:48 AM | #421
Seriously...can we get some black hairstyles. I would pay you for a decent set of long cornrows or twist. And plz bring on improved space combat (no rails) more options for ships, & PvP space battles!
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03.25.2013 , 11:08 AM | #422
Quote: Originally Posted by dsapp View Post
Actually, it isn't. There is no individual class stories here. It's just another planet with another planetary story arc. Your class story will remain at Chapter 3, even though they're referring to the story content in this "expansion" as Chapter 4.
Not sure if it makes any difference to you now, but that is not accurate. The expansion contains continuation of the individual story lines for each class.

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03.25.2013 , 01:25 PM | #423
Quote: Originally Posted by CourtneyWoods View Post
Hey everyone,

Please discuss Jeff Hickman's State of the Game #3 in this thread.
I wish to adress a few major problems in game that have caused a dozen of my friends and guild mates to quit subscribing and playing SWTOR all together. Here is a few of them from Jedi Covenant by player name, Sotty, Rood, John-specko, Der'rick, Vivean, Kalic, K'age, and Catra-wan are some that have left because of the below reasons.
1. As usual is in-game end content, current dailies being to repetitive and a chore to do, and nothing for legacy 30-50 content or any of worth .
2. Major game bugs that cause disconnections, major lag spikes, enemy glitchs that make operations more annoying instead of challenging, and Global Cooldown bug that still persist to this day.
3. Lack of pvp and guild content.
4. The current all focus on Cartel Market and nothing new for months for subscibers in new gear except the new event and reskins of old gear from the Reputation Vendors...
5. The now announced that new races like Cathar will cost Cartel Coins for Subscribers is a slap in the face to what was originally stated long ago that it would be free to subscribers.
6. Making the Cosmetic Customization is wrong for many reason and more so for subscribers. Reason 1: most MMOs you can do with in-game gold/credits. Reason 2: it has been mentioned long ago back in the start of the game when it would come out subscibers would not have to pay extra for it and Cartel Coins is paying extra nomatter what you say. Reason 3: Just because subscibers get a small monthly Cartel Coins bonus does not mean we should be forced then to use it on changing our looks which is free practically everywhere else and even our pets have a semi-version of it for free since game launch...
7. Personally most end gear and the new stuff from test look like horrid bad fan art and all the good looking stuff is going straight to Cartel Market which is completely unfair to subscribers.

p.s. If this keeps up with no improvements at the end of my subscription I will be ending my time with this game.

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03.25.2013 , 07:05 PM | #424
Surely there is a better option than shutting down the APAC servers.

Whilst I understand economic decisions have to be made, this is a bad one EA/BW. Don't ignore or displace your worldwide player base just because of a population issue. There's more than enough APAC players for 1 server.

Sometimes a solution that deletes a problem, isn't a solution at all, its a cop out.

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03.26.2013 , 12:58 AM | #425
How do I get a refund for the expansion now that you have decided to do the ol' bait and switch with the APAC servers?

Not interested in all in playing your game on the NA servers, so I want my money back.
Bioware you need to resolve the Oceanic server issues:
Stop ignoring your customers!

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03.26.2013 , 01:07 AM | #426
Quote: Originally Posted by winterau View Post
How do I get a refund for the expansion now that you have decided to do the ol' bait and switch with the APAC servers?

Not interested in all in playing your game on the NA servers, so I want my money back.
^ This

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03.26.2013 , 04:37 AM | #427
I thought you meant something good about the AP Servers originally. Turns out you were talking about mashing us together with ones on the other side of the world.
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03.26.2013 , 04:39 AM | #428
Hum all these replies to state of the game I have one comment to make HOW ABOUT FIX YOUR GLITCHY GAME you have now for gawd sakes!!!!!!! New content great new planet great but you still haven't fixed crap on the old content. I still to this day get booted every time I try to do Black Talon or the pub side version. I am a subscriber have been from day one, so do us all who pay for the game a favor fix the glitchy game you have now!!!!!

Bahno's Avatar

03.26.2013 , 05:58 AM | #429
I want to see some new things added to the CE store that was promised regular updates well before the game was ever released. What about that? Why not take some of things in cartel market and put them on that vender atleast there would be something new on there.

shagadoodle's Avatar

03.26.2013 , 02:05 PM | #430
That was quite uninformative, hardly deserving a title of 'state of the game'. Though considering the track record of Jeff I don't really know why I would expect anything better.