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State of the Game #3

First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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03.22.2013 , 07:17 AM | #351
Quote: Originally Posted by R-Tee-Doo-Tee View Post
Barbershop sounds fantastic. But please add some black hair options to the mix. My guild (the globetrotters) want to have some new styles for our toons some nice fro's and a black moustache option would be nice maybe even some crazy samuel jackson style sideboards.
If they have even one business guy on the development team they will add a bunch of hair, head, tattoo, etc options and maybe even revamp the body type system.

If they add just a "barbershop" type thing, that will make them money. But if they add the shop at the same time as adding a ton of options, exponentially more people would pay to change their character to be more customized with the new features.

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03.22.2013 , 07:33 AM | #352
Quote: Originally Posted by SukaShen View Post
I was a subscriber and then I stopped playing for awhile and came back as a preferred status player. I was shocked by the changes to the game and how little freedom I had as a non-subscriber. I really don't think things like toggling helmets on and off, matching armor colors, displaying titles (that you earned by investing time in the game), sharing gear and currency between alts, and medical probes should have to be purchased from the Cartel Market. I think these particular changes to the game are ridiculous. Most of these things come standard with any other MMO and I think SWTOR is going to antagonize a lot of people by denying these features to free-to-play players.

I can understand selling cosmetic items through the Cartel Market like special gear skins, vehicles, pets, race change, racial unlocks, etc.--a lot of other MMO's charge for similar items, but expecting people to pay real currency for features that come free with most other free-to-pay MMO's isn't good business. You may make a little extra money early on, but eventually people are going to navigate to other free-to-play games that don't put as many restrictions on game play.

Free-to-play needs to be revamped.
There would be no point in having subscriptions is everything outside of vanity items was handed to F2P. F2P gives you a taste for the game and, luckily, there are items available in the CM and GTN that can improve the experience even for F2P and Preferred players.

As to the state of the game; sounds good. Lots of new accounts, content has been rolling, and barber shop is coming. I like that the barber shop is a CM thing. That's exactly the sort of thing that is acceptable to charge extra for.

Keep up with the good work and improvements, BW!
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03.22.2013 , 07:34 AM | #353
Good things coming Mr. Hickman, however i have a few things to request.

I would like to see more things for our guilds, it would defiantly help coordinate our activities.

1. Guild Calendar - When you log in to the character screen you could put it on the left side showing all the guild events, guild leader and officers could update it as needed.

2. Fix the Message of the day and Guild description - so it can be read by players outside of the guild and new guild members. Also expand the size of both please.

3. In Game Guild Recruiting Terminal / NPC - Allow us to describe the guild and receive and reply to prospective candidates. Let the new person fill out a short application.

4. Guild Mail - Let the guild leaders and officers be able to send messages to any or all in the guild. By addressing the TO: field to "Guild". Also a message shout be sent to the guild leader when a member joins or leaves.

5. In Game Note Pad - Let us be able to keep on going notes , it could be on player side so it does not take up game resources.

6. Instant Travel - When grouped with 2 or more allow players from anywhere in game to be moved to where the group is.This will greatly speed up flashpoints and operations , but not limited to flashpoints and ops, it should be for just grouping if you wanted. Oh yea AT NO COST , CARTEL COINS or LONG COOL DOWN PLEASE!

7. Free Roam Space Flight - Both PVP and PVE missions, let us travel from sector to sector with out ships. Let us board ships like in the beginning of episode IV (both PVP and PVE)

8. Guild Capital Ships - Let us have a capital ship that has docking bay we can fly our ships into, then exit our ships and go to meeting rooms etc..( i know this has been mentioned but don't screw this up by making it to cheep ).

Along with all the good stuff you mentioned, these will go a long way to help the guilds.
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03.22.2013 , 07:54 AM | #354
Guild capital ships could be awesome if done properly. Like super-duber awesome.
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03.22.2013 , 08:24 AM | #355
Quote: Originally Posted by Lord_Erman View Post
Guild capital ships could be awesome if done properly. Like super-duber awesome.
Like dual specs, they seem to be one of the things that was taken from the wall of crazy and put into active development only to be placed back on the wall at a later date.

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03.22.2013 , 09:01 AM | #356
Sounds like some cool stuff coming up. I'm a big fan of the character customization option. Although I do have one request..... Can I please, within a reasonable amount of time, move my 50 Powertech to my destination server. I feel as though it's been long enough.

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03.22.2013 , 09:13 AM | #357
Quote: Originally Posted by EricMusco View Post
Hey everyone,

I wanted to add some clarification to something that I am seeing mentioned quite a bit in this thread which is our 6 week cadence and Jeff’s mention of 8 weeks. Previously we said:

We should have been much clearer with what we meant by “or so”. Even back in November when this was in the first State of the Game blog, our goal has always been to bring updates out every 6-8 weeks (which is what we meant by 6 weeks or so). If you look at our release schedule over the past 6 months we have stuck pretty well to this cadence. Jeff mentioning 8 weeks is more to say that our aim is to always get content out to you folks as fast as we can, and our target is 8 weeks or sooner.

I just wanted to add that clarification and not have you guys think we have changed our development goals. The goal has, and still remains, every 6-8 weeks. I hope that clears things up!


Umm... I think you (read: bioware/dev team) and us (read: player base) aren't on the same page about the 6-8 week cadence. I think that you feel a patch with a new cartel pack is an "update" that meets this criteria; whereas we think a patch with new content meets this criteria. Cartel Packs aren't a substitute for content. The ONLY content you've released since thanksgiving (rough estimate off the top of my head) is the Gree event (and no, doing it twice with a new speeder the second time doesn't count as new content). We want new stuff to do every 6-8 weeks. Not new stuff to buy.

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03.22.2013 , 09:41 AM | #358
Add blue mandalorian armour.... to the cartel market if thats all your doing now.

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03.22.2013 , 09:50 AM | #359
In fact, our major focus after Rise of the Hutt Cartel launches is going to be on "quality of life" improvements.
I expect chat bubbles to be on top of this "quality of life improvements" priority list. Is that the case? When can we expect them to be implemented? Within two to three months after the launch of the Rise of the Hutt Cartel expansion?

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03.22.2013 , 10:10 AM | #360
Quote: Originally Posted by Glzmo View Post
No mention of chat bubbles once again.
Can we excpect them in the next half year or do you think it will take longer? What are the plans for them, are there any?
They exist. They're in the code. A few of my fellow testers actually enabled them during beta (and they may have been officially active for a bit - I wasn't in every phase). But they bogged down the client too much. It couldn't handle them, even with a great rig. The engine is simply too poorly optimized to handle them. I wouldn't hold your breath for them.