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Mako starts letting me down - time to dump her?

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Mako starts letting me down - time to dump her?

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03.25.2013 , 05:11 PM | #11
Well, like all healer companions, they get a form of CC, which i recommend you turn off completely, it gives more heals in return.

Also, keep in mind that the healer companion can get very good results in just plain green gear, while tanks and dps, tend to need blues to get the same results, which i think bioware need to sort out.

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03.25.2013 , 07:10 PM | #12
Mako is 100% the best choice for DPS.

Once you are geared in full 61s or better, depending on the situation you can use a DPS companion instead of her. If you are doing dailies with no threat of death, you shouldn't be using a healer.

Once you are at the point to use something other than a healer, here is the ranking:
1) HK
2) Torian. He is better than the others because he uses Aim and can use all your old gear, and has DPS abilities as opposed to tank abilities

I do my basic PvE stuff with Torian. I find that he does between 50-75% of my own damage output (both of us are well geared) so he really speeds things up. He can solo trash mobs almost as fast as I can. Another cool thing is that he uses AoE fire and sets up your Rail Shot without you having to waste Incendiary Missile on trash mobs.

-----Everyone else is Sub-Par-------------
3) Blizz. He is better than gault because he can use all your old gear. Its much easier to gear a companion who is the same class as you. (Try convincing a group that Gault needs that Agent drop....) But he is worse than Torian because he has tank abilities whereas Torian has DPS ones
4) Gault. He is technically better than blizz because Gault is DPS and Blizz is a tank. However, due to the nature of getting Cunning gear for Gault, Torian is better in every way
5) Skadge. He can use your old gear, but he's a tank spec. He's basically a mirror of Blizz, but is less cool
Bloodloss Mercenary

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03.26.2013 , 12:14 PM | #13
Quote: Originally Posted by Count_Haake View Post
not giving me that good warm feeling (heal) when I need it, instead fooling around with other guys (trying to electro-stun non-stunnable enemies for ages etc.). And even when I get her attention, it just doesn't feel like it used to be (amount of heal often is too small).
Turn off her cc (use your own if you need to), also check her gear level as it sounds like you may have wrong stats on her or have her undergeared.. Ran with her up to Lvl50 with no issues (occasionally used Torian for extra dps). Mainly use HK now, but still use Mako once in a while.