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If Companions could post to the forums.

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If Companions could post to the forums.

Auelin's Avatar

04.04.2013 , 06:04 AM | #81
All of you are just full of win <3 (thanks for sharing!)

Greeting: Good Day Overseers

Statement: The ship droid functions with a mere 2.58% efficiency in combat.

Declaration: Upgrades to the ship droids systems do not allow for significant increase.

Suggestion: Liquidation should be carried out immediately and a viable replacement sought.

Dismissal: This transmission is at an end. (HK-51)

My Dearest Bioware,

I just know you've heard my favourite line - wait, you haven't? Then allow me to say it again!

"Did I mention I am pacifist?"

Yes, I know it is the perfect line for me isn't it? It allows me to show off my stellar wit and sense of irony.

However, as even the Jedi has started to comment on its over usage perhaps you could see your way to adding a few extra (fantastically amusing and witty) lines?

You most humble inventor extraordinaire,

Tharan Cedrax

P.S I know it can be hard to come up with lines that allow the world to truly see my genius, but Holiday and I would be more than happy to offer our creative services for such a worthy cause.



Before Herald was many hunts and great points, to suffer loss of points was great darkness and despair.

Now I follow Herald and new paths are open and worlds are being seen in different way.

I understand now why there must be loss of points, and will strive to follow Herald and keep your favour.

Your Servant,

Qyzen Fess

From: Lt Felix Iresso
To: [Undisclosed Recipients]
Subject: Continuation
ALERT: This message has been sent from an unsecured port.

To Whom it May Concern,

Due to events beyond my control a secured connection at this point in time is impossible, as such this message will be brief.

As you are aware recent events have brought to light the reason for my continuous transfer from squad to squad.

As such I would like to a timely resolution to this matter.


Lt Felix Iresso

[Playing Holo-recording: Subject Nadia Grell]

Ok, I can do this - err, I mean hi there!

So there's something that's been on my mind lately... would it be possible to stop people from dressing my in those tiny little outfits? I've been told (by some really creepy people) that I look great, but it's been really hard to make anyone believe that I am Jedi Padawan when I am dressed in... well basically nothing!

Really, I even had one guy ask if I was role-playing as a Padawan and could he be my master? I am never getting rid of that mental image.

Right, glad I got that out of the way.

So thanks for listening, and may the force be with you.

[End Holo-recording]


Greetings Most Esteemed Masters,

I have noticed that the other companions within the crew avoid me, and even the Jedi tries to sprint past without letting me say a word.

I have ensured each of them have optimal nutrition balance in their diet, and that the air in the ship reminds them of a relaxing and soothing atmosphere and yet they continue to act as if I have wires exposed!

Your advice on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

~ C2-N2

P.S Please ensure that uncouth assassin droid is kept far away from me.

Let's just get straight to the meat of the issue.

Why am I jeopardising my career by still travelling on this ship?

I mean sure the Jedi is useful, and has helped me to see a few options I wouldn't have considered. But there's always secured holo-calling.

So how exactly am I best serving my world by being here?

I'd like an answer sooner rather than later,


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04.04.2013 , 06:09 AM | #82
Um... hey Bioware,

So there is this guy, right. I was given to him as a slave and he freed me. For a Twi'lek under Imperial Rule, that is kind of a big deal. Here is the problem though, I still have to follow him around and watch him slaughter innocent people by the hundreds.

I... I could deal with that, but now he is hitting on me... WHILE I AM CLEANING THE BLOOD FROM HIS LATEST VICTIM OFF MY CLOTHES.

Can you forward this to HR?


I am Lt. Aric Jorgan of Havoc Squad. While it is not my place to "tattle", I feel it necessary to notify you of the actions of my CO, Major Thall Felbane. I have worked with him for a year now, and during that year, when not engaged in a conflict (which is never if you aren't Fourex or Dorne), he has had us all mass producing armor.

While there are other tasks my skills are more suited to, I was not unhappy with this decision, as I truly believed that we were doing this to better protect our fellow Republic Troopers. It has been over a year now, and aside from Elara Dorne and the CO, and that is a story for a second transmission, not a single member of Havoc Squad has seen one of these pieces of armor bestowed to them. Rather, they are sold on the Global Trade Network where anyone can buy them, even Imps!

To make matters worse, the CO and I prefer the same combat weapon classification, the Autocanon. He constantly replaces his weapon with something which performs more efficiently, which I have no issue with, he is the CO afterwards, but then I see him look at me... stare at me... as he sells his old weapon for a few hundred credits while I am still using my basic issue I had when I met him!

I do not doubt the CO's prowess in combat, but clearly there is something wrong here. I know that you will make the right move and promote me above the Major.

In Service,
Lt. Aric Jorgan
Thall | Combat Medic ||| Kannus | Kinetic Shadow
Dars'yl | Immortal Juggernaut ||| Sudor | Concealment Operative
Ebon Hawke