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Revan's Chestplate; any word on a fix?

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Revan's Chestplate; any word on a fix?
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10.10.2013 , 09:38 AM | #881
Quote: Originally Posted by Excypher View Post
Please unroll the cape, Please unroll the cape, Please unroll the cape.
Since this thread was necro'd and all....

When you compare Revan's outfit in kotor to swtor, it really makes you wonder how on earth that stupid shoulder-roll-up-cape thing came to exist.

I mean, you're making an outfit called "Revan's"......shouldn't the goal be to make it look the same?

Of course not, because this is SWTOR, and force-forbid anything be done with a little common sense.....

Artist: I made some improvements to Revan's robe for the "lore" outfit
Director: Wow, that doesn't look like Revan's Robe anymore, what happened to the cape?
Artist: Capes can be hazardous in the event of a chest-deep-water landing, so I changed it to an inflatable chest-deep-water rescue device.
Director: How clever! NOW we're roleplaying!
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10.07.2014 , 03:55 PM | #882
So, given that we've seen Revan in the trailer rocking a cape and all, can I assume that players' version will finally be getting fixed, as well?

Aatrus's Avatar

08.19.2015 , 04:28 PM | #883
I cant believe they still havent fixed this....

Fireswraith's Avatar

08.19.2015 , 04:59 PM | #884
Holy necro batman!

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08.19.2015 , 05:07 PM | #885
Man... I haven't seen this thread in ages...
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08.19.2015 , 05:08 PM | #886
Thread needs a lock, chestplate was fixed. Double Hood is gone, and with the dye slot unlocked we can personally change it to the darker color it originally was.

Cape was never mean to exist on the O.G. set. they catered to the criers on the expansion revan set.

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08.19.2015 , 06:01 PM | #887
Quote: Originally Posted by Aatrus View Post
I cant believe they still havent fixed this....
They fixed the Revan chest ages ago.

Yet strangely, the identical (save colour) Investigator chest is still bugged.
That makes no sense
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