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Remove "rare" Jawagram

JPryde's Avatar

03.19.2013 , 06:02 AM | #1

I do not mind the existance of Jawagrams in itself, even though from a roleplayer perspective, they are 100% useless garbage.

What I do mind however, is that I yesterday opened a smugglers pack (320 CC) and got not a single permanent item, but just 2 Jawagrams... one of which with the golden symbol of being a "rare".

Sorry, but I do not care, how rare that jawagram is, handing out an item, that is gone on being used is not rare, it is a rip off.

Please remove the rare status of all jawagrams and let them be the worthless goodies, that they are. Nice to have, but easy to forget.

I cannot imagine, what the MagicTG players would do, if a booster would hold a rare card, that is destroyed on being played, regardless how good it is.
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Alec_Fortescue's Avatar

03.19.2013 , 06:27 AM | #2
Yes, in my opinion Jawagrams should be bronze-quality, not silver. There are other silver items which are far more valuable. No one will pay as much for a consumable.

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03.19.2013 , 07:09 AM | #3
The most idiotic in cartel pack are dancer's clothes. GTM is full of this useless stuff, people are trying to sell them even for 50 credits. I have destroyed some of them and still have more than 20. In almost every pack I opened there was one female clothes. How stupid.

if (gender == male)

Just delete this and reward/re-compensate those, who received this

BrianDavion's Avatar

03.19.2013 , 05:07 PM | #4
I suspect the jawagrams are the replacement for the dancer's clothes. they're the new "spider" and honestly better then the old dancer's outfit in that regard

SithKoriandr's Avatar

03.19.2013 , 07:44 PM | #5
If jawagram was just one of the common items, I could maybe see it, but for sure, no jawagram is worth being a rare item.

Ksenus's Avatar

03.20.2013 , 01:37 AM | #6
The "rare" means - It is so rare when someone wants this.

skarvika's Avatar

03.20.2013 , 05:43 AM | #7
There are way too many items labelled "rare" imo...lots of silver items going for like 1k on the gtn. It can't be that rare if everyone has it and is trying to get rid of it.
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03.20.2013 , 11:13 AM | #8
Quote: Originally Posted by Alec_Fortescue View Post
Yes, in my opinion Jawagrams should be bronze-quality, not silver. There are other silver items which are far more valuable. No one will pay as much for a consumable.
This :< I hate it when I get them in my packs.
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03.20.2013 , 11:14 AM | #9
It should only be rare if it doesnt consume on use, worthless item.
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03.20.2013 , 01:38 PM | #10
I have to agree the fact you cant even sell those thign when you dont want them is a bit irrittating, jawagrams are useless on the whole