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Why did snipers get the utility merc needed more

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Why did snipers get the utility merc needed more

ripamorame's Avatar

03.19.2013 , 05:02 PM | #11
I think their basis was mercs don't needs defensive cooldowns or oh snap buttons due to the healing and personally self healing in arsenal takes you out of the fight for a fair amount of time with little gained. Give us root or the unload slow having a root effect for the last like 1 second where it roots for 3 seconds unload has some nice talents but it isn't enough damage for the slow imo. Or maybe RP takes 10 seconds off your kb cd or something we need something to reset utility because as the tree stands a lot of dps abilities do string together relatively well but the utility doesn't for how little we have.
P.S the range of stun would help A LOT.

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03.19.2013 , 05:45 PM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by ArchangelLBC View Post
Been pushing for that on PTS forums, or we were. Seems it's gotten buried under crit rating nerfs and just other things, including a lot of merc/commandos just throwing in the towel or asking for other things (like reduced CDs to RP and TO).

Also saying we had unload slow so we didn't need another is just silly. We NEEDED an instant on demand snare, no doubt about it, and the UTILITY of electro net is quite good. I'm quite glad for that. It's the cooldown that is such an issue.
the slow attached to unload was always a joke. useful only against npcs.
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03.19.2013 , 05:51 PM | #13
Quote: Originally Posted by NoTomorrow View Post
I understand you perfectly. The problem can either be fixed by giving commandos some similar perks to snipers basically transforming them into snipers, or by nerfing the crap out of force leap which is a completely ridiculous ability currently.

It gives: gap closing, rage building, minor damage, root, interrupt, for rage spec smash auto-crit, vindicator set +10% damage.

See how much stuff they rolled into one 0 cost ability? And all this while having access to talents that reduce its minimum range to 0, adds extra rage or extends the root length.

No wonder why we snipers are tearing the melee apart, we are countering their most precious overtuned ability.
Sure, as soon as they take away sniper's cover. Fair's fair, right?

ArchangelLBC's Avatar

03.19.2013 , 10:26 PM | #14
Quote: Originally Posted by Ugolino View Post
Sure, as soon as they take away sniper's cover. Fair's fair, right?
So you're for no force leap if they lose cover? >.>
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03.20.2013 , 02:46 AM | #15
Snipers are not the issue i was stating how the only ranged ac (pure dps) that does well has double the utility of mercs.
Bottom line is in arsenal we have the damage but we have no way of getting it off.