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Looking for a Lost Island/Eternity Vault group, Republic

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Looking for a Lost Island/Eternity Vault group, Republic

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03.18.2013 , 02:26 PM | #1
As you all may know, with the new expansion coming out this Spring, the 2.0 content patch will be retiring all Tionese, Columi, and Rakata gear. I just got my first Republic character (Sentinel) to 50 yesterday, 3/17/13, and I want to get his Rakata chest piece before that happens. To that end I am looking for a group that is willing to do Lost Island and Eternity Vault as often as possible. Whether this is just a collection of people, or a recruiting guild, I am happy to participate with either.
I am, obviously, not extremely well geared, currently using Recruit PVP with War Hero weapons, and I'm working on grinding War Hero gear because it's so much faster than trying to gear up through FPs as a solo DPS.
If you belong to or know of a group doing that content that would be willing to take on a new 50, I would be very grateful for the reference.
I can be reached in this thread or in-game as Aranel.
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