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Since sorcs are asking for cover on PTS forum

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Since sorcs are asking for cover on PTS forum

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03.25.2013 , 07:41 AM | #101
Quote: Originally Posted by MidichIorian View Post
Force management without effusion is crap. Whenever you have to clip FL, which happens a lot in games where you can't just steamroll the other team, or apply bubble it will take a huge dip. So then you have to rely on consumption, which is like the worst regen ability in any game ever, the trade-off is horrible and you get a debuff that makes it even worse. They should add an inst-regen ability in the madness tree, 300 force every 2 mins.
but you have to work very hard to get energy hungry on Sorc/Sage (unless you go and dot every one on sight) and you get no debuff for going 20% (so you spam hell out of it for 80% and then if must, play slower till have chance to regen) while on PT you can burn energy in 12 sec, use 50/66% regen skill and burn it again in 9 sec, and boom, it's all over, you ain't killing an ant).

but yeah, consumption is not best skill around (I think it's designed for pve healers)
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03.25.2013 , 08:03 AM | #102
Quote: Originally Posted by Cretinus View Post
It's so funny to watch these fellows still looking out for their favourite freekill class sorc/sage,
My Sage never kills.
He solely always dies.
'Nuff said.

And I'm speaking of levels 10-30, which no-one ever play without gear sent to them via in-game post from other classes.

Quote: Originally Posted by Givemedanger View Post
Lol @ those noobs crying for cover (i bet all lightning spec). Lightning is for PVE not for PVP.
People don't know this.
My Smuggler always dies from that.
My Sage, too.
And my Commando as well.
Not to mention my Jedi.
(All under level 30, except my Smuggler, who dies anyway.)

Quote: Originally Posted by biowareftw View Post
I just LOVE when you kids try to say all classes are the same difficulty to play when the dev's SPECIFICALLY SAID IN BETA that some classes were DESIGNED to be challenging and some were not. The kicker? You sit there and say "all classes are the same", then in the same sentence you will cry about PYRO pt "being too easy" and "easier", which is only slightly easier in PvP only. You counter your own statements in your posts.
Of course people play those classes which are most easily to play and at the same time have most DPS, too.

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03.25.2013 , 08:18 AM | #103
Quote: Originally Posted by Remorce View Post
No player fears a sorc on the field, healers are primaries to most players looking for a kill to take an enemy off the battlefield and easily burned down.
This is my personal experience as playing a Sage as well.

Cannon fodder. Pure cannon fodder.
Especially in PvP 10-20.

Quote: Originally Posted by biowareftw View Post
The sorc is a HEALER hybrid. Say it over and over again to yourself until you understand. It will always be balanced around ranked as a HEALER first.
So you truly believe that the other two skill trees just don't belong there, except for their meager hybride parts ?

So, why did the developers bother to implement them anyway, then ? Please answer me this question.

Quote: Originally Posted by Rincewend View Post
As a Sorc I never want cover, giving us more surviability is the wrong direction. We are not a tank and therefore do not stand in front of a jugg or PT trying to take them out.
You misunderstand something quite grossly.

You don't stand in front of them - THEY RUN / JUMP TOWARDS YOU !
Then you won't survive for long - escapet when you manage to escape - but you can still be followed by them meanwhile they constantly shoot into your back.
The best thing is when you try to heal someone from a distance, and no-one is protecting you. You just won't survive for long, because people KNOW that there MUST be a healer somewhere ... and THEN they go searching for you.
And if you are found, then someone jumps at you. Running awaay during these 1-2 seconds that are between jump_begin and jump_end ? Try it, please.
And then you are are gone - as a Sage. No-one can help you anymore.
Especially if no-one protects you - which actually happens far, far far, more often than you imagine !

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03.25.2013 , 08:39 AM | #104
A SWTOR sorc is a WoW warlock.
Consumption should NOT lower your force regen at all. Just like warlocks in WoW. End of story.