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Spec-ops Open Recruitment | SITH EMPIRE

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03.15.2013 , 06:58 PM | #1

--==FeverClan==-- Join The Pandemic!
Over 1000 members and growing!
Is An All round Clan. Meaning.. Were A Friendly Community And Support Forums, Activities, TeamSpeak Channels, Tourneys and more for Alot of games! Not Just SWTOR!
How ever, If Your looking For A New Way To Play SWTOR Competitively, Or Just A New Fun Way To Make New Friends Head On Over To And Tell Them RancoR Sent you When making your App!
Most Important Things To Remember:
#1 Were A Gaming Community, We Want To Keep Things Fun, .. Douche Bags, Trolls, And Hackers Are Not Allowed, Also Our main goal is to have fun, And Be Supportive But We Do have our opertunitys to be Very Competitive With a lot of games, Squads, Clan Wars, Tourneys for Prizes Ect.
#2 16+ Age Is Required. As Well As TeamSpeak And a Working form of MIC.
#3 We Allow You To Join us Even if your in Another clan!
#4 Please read and follow the Fever Standard (rules and guidelines)
#5 Must make MINIMUM 1 Post every 2 Weeks to stay in the clan, Or Be Removed For Inactivity
All Are Welcome !
And Like I Said Were not just for Starcraft! We Do Lots Of Other Activities and Games, And Multi-Platform, (pc xbox ect)

So Head On Over To And check us out ! And remember.. GL And HF !
From: |FEVER| RancoR

Application To Join Fever / Rules:

dont forget to referral RancoR

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03.22.2013 , 11:56 AM | #2

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04.10.2013 , 09:53 PM | #3

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04.14.2013 , 05:39 PM | #4