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variety packs - Cartel packs - Cartel Coins

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variety packs - Cartel packs - Cartel Coins

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03.14.2013 , 01:22 PM | #1
You guys are offering 24packs of one thing, how about one where you get 24 but a mix of them with a slight discount.... I would jump on that. I am sure others will as well. Or an option to get a bulk discount if you buy 24, but you get to pick what ones you want to get to the 24 number.

also, how about 12 packs for 5% off or so? This would make bulk buys better for people with less real cash, yet give them a feeling they get a discount as well.

also, what about a option to be able to buy enough CC for a large 24 pack, the current large CC bundle for $40 does not get you there so you have to purchase them trice, i do think if one was offered that gave out 7500 CC or so (just enough for a 24 pack), more may jump on that. Just a thought...

Family CC and/or CM purchases... My wife and I both play, why canít I buy X amount of CC and be able to split them between her and I... After all, I pay for both our monthly subs with the same CC, CC buys would and should go hand and hand... Lets say I buy 5500 CC, maybe they go in my family account pool she can also get from.

I can even ask why not the CM items as well, letís say I get a 24 pack, i would like to give her 12 of them without her having to wait nearly 2 days... I am very sure, I am not the only one that thinks this could help more families share the wealth a bit easier.

Make is easier on the consumer, you WILL sell more... Just ideas I hope others may also find good.

Add yours tooÖ