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I would buy more Armor sets from the CM…Problem is this:

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I would buy more Armor sets from the CM…Problem is this:

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03.14.2013 , 12:52 PM | #1
It costs one arm and one leg to transfer all the mods (about 30k per armor piece for my lvl 50ties).

If we must have this money sink, perhaps mods can also be bound to toon, so if you put on different armor, you can then transfer the mods to the armor that toon is wearing. For example, remove the mods from the armor on your toon, then put the new outfit on the toon and put back the mods… if you try it on another toon, then you get charged the original removal cost. I am sure others may have a better idea…. Besides it not costing anything at all.

I would love to have several outfits my toons can wear, even companions and there is stuff on the CM I want, but do not get because I am not into going broke to transfer all the mods around every time I want a new look. I am sure I am NOT alone on this…. So, instead of buying more outfits, I stick with the same one.

Now only does the player lose in the current system, but so does EA/BW with loss of potential sales.

I am not looking for free, or complaining, just a suggestion to allow us more change and allow more sales to take place on the CM.