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Cartel Market Shipment Two: The Contraband Packs

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Cartel Market Shipment Two: The Contraband Packs
First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

Keigh's Avatar

03.13.2013 , 04:42 PM | #11
Bah why does it have to come from the packs, I would gladly give you all my money if they were on the Cartel Market instead of packs.

Monterone's Avatar

03.13.2013 , 04:52 PM | #12
Derelict, huh?

Now I'm waiting for a Blue Steel crystal, and maybe a Magnum Black.

Btw, love the Techno Viking outfit!
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Alec_Fortescue's Avatar

03.13.2013 , 04:55 PM | #13
Guys. Great stuff with the previews. In my opinion you should always put it. Tells us what are we actually buying. Would be great if you could post them the same day the packs arrive! Please thank me for a victorious five-year fight for traditional Jedi robes in SWTOR.

DarthBLR's Avatar

03.13.2013 , 04:56 PM | #14
Love the new gear! Here's to hoping you all are working on a way to give the Darth Malak Set his partial cape.
Darth Malak Model w/ Cape
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Uber_the_Goober's Avatar

03.13.2013 , 05:02 PM | #15
I want my Sorc to look like that toon in the Handmaiden's gear set, but with the Cathar Honor Sword.

I hope to heck they aren't so rare that it'll cost be hundreds of millions of credits to get them though...

Altheran's Avatar

03.13.2013 , 05:05 PM | #16
I've a déjà vu with the Relaxed Jumpsuit (F)... But where I've seen it ?

Even if I don't really remember where, I'm sure I've seen it in another color on Taris (Rep) and Coruscant with some blue instead of red and brown instead of grey.

_Zhatan_'s Avatar

03.13.2013 , 05:07 PM | #17
And of course, the best things of this game are the ones COPYED from Star Wars Galaxies:

The next step please, try to copy the twi'lek hats like the Ysrak. and the sith interceptor.

Or better fire your whole desing department and limit to copy the things from games that really looked starwarsy and not TRON,Power Rangers, Ultraman and all the weird stuff you like to introcduce.
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BW...Something is failing here, don't you think?

Altheran's Avatar

03.13.2013 , 05:13 PM | #18
Quote: Originally Posted by _Zhatan_ View Post
And of course, the best things of this game are the ones COPYED from Star Wars Galaxies:
Which is itself copied from the movie
Where have you seen something similar here ?
Okay, maybe.
Not even close. Similar concept, but really different art
Look for yellow

Tork's Avatar

03.13.2013 , 05:40 PM | #19
The mounts seem fairly rare - I opened nearly 70 packs (across 2 accounts and 4 chars) trying for a Skiff.
Ended up with one Aratech Nethian, that is a pretty low drop rate for mounts.

From now on I'll just buy the mounts that go on Cartel Market.
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Eillack's Avatar

03.13.2013 , 05:42 PM | #20
Stop trying to kill your community EAware.

And why the hell and men wearing women's clothing!?


Gotta love how you F'd the CE players already.....the point of adding something to the CE store is to make it 100% unique....having a blue version kills that.