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Developer Blog: Cartel Reputation

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Developer Blog: Cartel Reputation
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03.14.2013 , 02:42 AM | #111
Quote: Originally Posted by Griad View Post
To be honest i dont give a crap about the rep grind nothing that i want or need this was a complete waste of time to introduce if you ask me time they could have spent fixing bugs and balancing the game.
Honestly, if I see one more person use the "I wish instead of doing X they should be spending that time on fixing bugs and balancing" line I just might eat all my socks.
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03.14.2013 , 03:46 AM | #112
Quote: Originally Posted by da_zone View Post
keep on point people,
this is as constructive and straight to the point as i can think of at the moment.

-I think that this Cartel reputation system has no place next to the other ones it should be far less intrusive and should not taunt us constantly every time we check the reputation tab.

-The way its integrated in to the lore just deeply upsets me from any role-playing perspective (its a constant reminder of real world money and the business side of the game)

-I think the concept of rewarding people who spend money in the Cartel Market and giving them options for getting more vanity items is a great move, but again it is way to intrusive and is presented as a part of the game not the cartel market (witch is the biggest issue i have with the system)

-My suggestion would be making it part of the Cartel Market UI instead of having it as a faction within the game.

-Making the certificates BOL would be a welcome change, i see no reason for keeping it bound to a character.

-The notion of adding more of these real world currency factions in game as time progresses just disappoints me to the point where i want to just stop playing entirely, once again making this tied to the cartel market UI and out of the game systems and lore would probably alleviate most peoples disgust with the matter.
Yes, this was a nice way of doing it. Keep the cartel-rep away from the in-game rep that you can earn while playing.
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03.14.2013 , 03:48 AM | #113
Quote: Originally Posted by Tweaked View Post
All of these Cartel Rep items should REALLY be unbound. Your argument from day one about the "fairness" of the cartel market was that these items were not bound and were able to be freely sold on the GTN.

So let us be able to trade and sell these Reputation items. People who feel left out can then put their virtual money where there mouth is.

As you state many times in the Blog post: Money talks. This theme would continue in that you could then BUY reputation with in game credits.

Also, i think this would actually increase sales of cartel packs because people would then purchase them just to sell the reputation to other players. Especially if they already capped.

Inherently, a system that we've been told embraces a free market must continue to do so.
First, I'm not supporting the whole "new rep grind wit h every type of pack" deal. I'm against it. I know that my opinion will not change EA's current plans, though.

That said, now to address your point:

NO. If you want to gouge those who wish to gain their rep from the GTN, you'll have to sell the unopened packs. I know this means you will not be able to gouge the other players for those shiny new skiffs, pets or armors if you can't open the packs, but that's life.

aeterno's Avatar

03.14.2013 , 03:59 AM | #114
As a sub that doesn't dabble in the CM much and plans to just ignore the CM rep thing I find the whole thing hilarious.

If I had a tendency to fork up cash for a lot of packs I'd be royally peeved by the fact each set of packs is apparently getting a separate rep lol. I mean who are these bozos they're counting on dumping hundreds of dollars into the CM not once but several times lol? Do these people actually exists lol?

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03.14.2013 , 04:32 AM | #115
Quote: Originally Posted by HanStyle View Post
You ignore 100 pages of complaining and start your own thread. Really nice job . You can see how ppl are annoyed . If you ever listen to feedback whichj i absolutely dont believe at all, you would remove this nonsense with tomorrow's patch
The first EA post is on page 9 of that 117 page thread, with another that followed after. Then they wrote a blog post explaining the system and following all past practice created a post to discuss the blog. That is not IGNORING anything.
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03.14.2013 , 04:48 AM | #116
Quote: Originally Posted by paowee View Post
Hmm this move doesn't strike me at all. For the people who love buying packs, this is a way for them to gain reputation and attain in-game items/vanity/titeles that only players who buy packs can get. On the other hand, people or subscribers like me, who never buys packs are unaffected at all. Unless these packs contain something that is absolutely necessary for me to continue playing raid content, like say for example, Nano-infused stims are only purchaseable through contraband packs, then that is something i would deem a low blow.

Just leave these packs be. It's just a way for those people who loves packs to get something that only they can have.

I think people are over reacting >_<
But what about when there a piece of rep gear you may want - something cosmetic for you character? Now, despite paying a sub, you are barred from it unless you put down another ton of cash in the hope - the hope, not the certainty - you get enough rep to buy it.

Releasing the majority of new gear on the CM was one thing - but releasing new gear that is only available after rep gambling is just plain wrong.

Just plain wrong - I find myself saying that a lot about SWTOR these days .......

Edit - also, the rep system was supposed to a new form of content with missions and rewards. As a subscriber, you're supposed to get that in exchange for your sub. But within, what, six weeks?, the rep system has been subsumed into a money-grab.

I'm like you - I don't really care about rep or about CM fluff. But I do care about where this game is heading, seeing as I fund it each month. And this is not a good move.

GorZie's Avatar

03.14.2013 , 05:28 AM | #117
Wow... I was just about to use the word retarded, but I guess some people would be offended.
I understand that you guys must make a living since you been cuddling up with "big EA", however their is a point were some people will get offended just by your blunt actions. The CM was some sort of a necessity due to the huge let down you released, and to be fair if you would have released the game as it is at the moment we wouldn't have the F2P system at all.

I guess you would be better off on focusing on your current subscribers and their issues with the game instead of sweetening the free to play alternative, otherwise we end up having F2P players only.
I'm guilty of buying CMP's myself, just to support you guys because their was still hope.

Their are some issues like getting 10x or more the same content in packs, this should be addressed but reputation for real money is just lame. GAME OVER

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03.14.2013 , 06:12 AM | #118
As a subscriber I find this deplorable!

Subscribing is supposed to entitle you play the game in the fullest sense.

F2P/Cartel Market is there to give people a secondary route into the game and an a la carte way of playing the parts of the game they like but avoid paying for parts they are not interested in.

To set up a Legacy Reputation element that is not achievable by subscribing is wrong. It is one thing to have fluff for sale on the Cartel Market but achievements should not have to be bought in this way.

The Cartel Market as it stands is a devisive cash grabbing mechanism based on lucky dips and chance. When am I going to see some decent gear and fluff that is not hidden away in Packs - especially for troopers and Bounty Hunters. I am hoarding my cartel coin allowance for that day to come.

I have subscribed to this game from the start and the longer I play I feel like a secondary player - one who has to grind for rewards where rich kids get the better stuff just handed to them.

I WALKED for the first 13 levels of this game.

I sprinted for the next 12 levels

I bought 3 seperate speeders and the training to go with them

I waited for minutes at a time while I spoon fed my companions gifts

I watched as players drifted away and solo played planets for months

I played every day except vacation time.

I answer new player queries on open chat and I sometimes gift credits to new players to encourage/welcome them to SWTOR along the way.

I am paying for a new planet that is really only a device to keep expanding the universe so that I keep subscribing.

Can you see why I feel the way I do?

I do love this game and I want it to succeed long after I tire of it fully but I hope you guys will make the correct choices to retain subscribers and not passers by..

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03.14.2013 , 06:15 AM | #119
Da ich die von EA verhängten Einsparmaßnahmen für den deutschen Support, der faktisch nicht mehr vorhanden ist, nicht unterstützte, werde ich meine Anliegen in Zukunft auch im englischen Forum auf deutsch posten. Ob Ihr (BW) damit was anfangen könnt, interessiere mich nicht die Bohne.

Zitat aus dem deutschem Forum:

Quote: Originally Posted by ValdeCallidus View Post
Wenn man nervös wird, beim Betrachten einer leeren Stelle im Rufsystem und sich darüber ärgert und möglicherweie anfängt Hunderte von Euro auszugeben, der sollte wirklich mal in sich gehen und sich fragen, ob er möglicherweise Hilfe braucht. Das meine ich nicht abwertend, sondern wirklich ernsthaft.

Ich selbst musste mich da auch schon etwas zurücknehmen mit der Sammelleidenschaft. Schon allein deswegen weil ich kein PvP spiele und dadurch niemals alle Kodexeinträge bekommen kann. Aktuell farme ich die Dailies, um mir die Fahrzeuge undHaustiere im GH kaufen zu können.
Du triffst den Nagel auf den Kopf. Dazu kommt halt leider, dass auch Kinder und Jugendliche in diesem Spiel unterwegs sind, die nicht alle so gefestigt sind, als das sie für eine solche Leidenschaft nicht Ihre paar Kröten Taschengeld/Ausbildungsgehalt/whatever auf den Kopf hauen, oder schlimmer, Schulden machen usw.
Als Erwachsener ist das jedem sein Bier, aber Kinder sollten mit solchen Verführungen, die es im Internet und sonst schon genügend gibt, in einem Spiel das eigentlich für sie freigegeben wurde, nicht konfrontiert werden. Der Kartellmarkt ist schon grenzwertig genug, das aber geht in dieser Form zu weit.

Edit: Allerdings frage ich mich wozu wir hier überhaupt diskutieren (sollen), wenn es eh keinen deutschen Support mehr gibt der das liest

Zitat Ende

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03.14.2013 , 06:21 AM | #120
Who ever the shot caller is has serious ethic problems but that just goes with business. I am disappointed with what this game has become. The Vegeta scouter is the latest. A business can still make money and have a happy customer base. Take the cartel packs, they could sell the armor sets for 10-20 bucks a pop but instead make people spend more by the random grab bag thing. I am ok with cash shops but this company took the worst approach.
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