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Big Time $$ Helm Idea

MrIrrelevant's Avatar

03.13.2013 , 12:38 PM | #1
As a paying subscriber, I really don't want to give the cash shop more goods, especially when it seems like all the (good) creative minds on the BW design team are slotted to CM upgrades, while we get stuck with little Jimmy, some designer's kid brother, doing work on the free, regular in-game content(Sorry for the knock Jimmy). But, after seeing the greed machine that is EA make life-day an CM only event, it made me realize this would be the only chance for my idea to come to light.

To get back on track, when the game first released, a top 3 issue one everyone's mind with the game, was lack of races. BW said they wouldn't make, say a Rodian, because Rodians never felt heroic main-character worthy. I put a thread out there that BW should do a SW Halloween-type event where they made helms of all the different races people could earn. That should satisfy both parties.

I still think it would be an amazing idea to make "Race" helms, and it shouldn't take much work, especially now that they have put in the adaptive armor. All the framework and textures are there in game, so I wouldn't think it would take much more to do. I can't imagine anyone who wouldn't be at least a little excited about this. I would just ask that you could please purchase them individually or from their own box, maybe with some being more rare than others. Or I guess for the ultimate greed put them all as super rares inside some season 2 cartel box, can you say cha-cing?