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Armor moderation in contraband packs.

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03.13.2013 , 01:27 AM | #1
Moderation of armor sets.

Despite my love for the sets, there is too many, and thus harder to complete a set, even when its a full on 7peice set.

Carth Onasi's
Gentell Dress
Organa Loyalist
Organa Statesman
Rist Loyalist
Rist Statesman
Recovered Hero
Relaxed Jumpsuit

This is my 2 credits, for a single pack have:

1 KOTOR themed armor set
1 KOTOR 2 themed armor set
2 SWTOR era armor sets.

I know you were answering a lot of requests for players and I respect that.. but like medicine. Too much can be a poison.

As a actual example a future packing having.

Jedi Civil War sith soldier armor
Mandalore the Presever's armor
Malgus's new empire armor
Jace Malcom's armor

or even
Calo Nord's battlegear
Master Vrook's Kotor 2 robes.
Cinimatic Sith armor
Emperor Vitiates Robes.

again I love the KOTOR sets, I woke up early saw Malak's picture jumped out of bead to see if I was dreaming.

Your heading in the RIGHT DIRECTION Bioware, if we moderate the amount of sets in packs, your heading good.