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Give the PvP'ers a Limited Time In-game Event!

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Give the PvP'ers a Limited Time In-game Event!

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03.19.2013 , 06:34 AM | #21
only thing i would like to see in a pvp event is PVP. This Glee event more like a PVE event. On my server everyone got in a line to take it in turn to hand orbs in, the republic players just rode past not a care in world.

Way they should ahve gone is the two bases with several mini bases scattered around. Each base had a shield and the more points controlled the quicker the shield came down to mount an attack and perhaps reach a certain point in base to destroy to win.

Defenders would have cannons that dealt moderate damage but enough to slow/kill some of the attackers that were player controlled.

Now that would have been fun and real pvp compared to this current sorry excuse for world pvp.
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