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Doing something wrong? TK DPS

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Doing something wrong? TK DPS

Ellynia's Avatar

03.12.2013 , 09:03 AM | #1
Hi, firstly let me say this post is regarding my offspec (I am primarily a Sage healer, but recently in raids we have had a surplus of healers and not enough DPS), specifically regarding Telekinetic DPS. I'll explain the situation first and then if anyone can analyse what is going wrong here I'd be very appreciative:

The problem - Can't break 1k DPS during bossfights, parser of the raid night NOTE: this is EC HM 8Man, also a progress run for the guild

Gear - With healer as my primary spec I don't have full DPS gear set, which can be a big problem I know, I am currently using Force-Master Rakata Chest/Legs/Boots and Columni Headgear and 1 DPS (Tio rank) relic. The rest of my gear is Black Hole force-healer gear, lightsaber mostly-Rakata with a 63 rank mod, 1 Rakata force-master implant and 1 Dread Guard relic with +350 power on-use effect, Hazmat Striker ear.

Spec - Using this spec, as feature on noxxic for TK sages atm

Rotation - Weaken Mind -> Turbulence -> Mind Crush -> TK Throw -> Disturbance x2 -> TK Wave REPEAT
Usually not using Project unless on the move/need a instant-cast. Some problems: TK throw would not have it's cast time etc. increased as it should with the Psychic Projection proc (saw this may be due to internal cooldowns of the proc, did not know it has a 10sec CD; however should this not be off-cooldown by the time I get back to it on my rotation?), similar thing occuring with TK Wave and the Tidal Force proc. Also not allowing WM or MC to drop from the target at any point - modifying rotation if necessary to keep both active.

Another note: I am NOT using my CDs during these fights (Mental Alacrity, Relic, Force Potenacy or Adrenals) as I am saving them for burst-phases on bosses, I am using a blue-quality resolve stim throughout the fights.

Obviously my gear is not optimal and I will gradually be working on improving that but right now I still believe that the stats on my gear are still relevant for this DPS so I should not be lacking so much in damage. Any advice/tips are greatly appreciated as it will make my life much easier should I be asked to swap role to DPS again!

Thanks for your time!
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PresBMK's Avatar

03.12.2013 , 12:00 PM | #2
TK is not a 'rotation' spec, it is a priority spec.

The priority is typically the following:

Weaken Mind>Turbulence>Mind Crush>TK throw (w/ proc)/TK wave (w/ proc)>Disturbance

That is, you should make sure WM is always up, use turb/MC on CD, and be sure to use TK throw and TK wave when their procs are up. For the latter two, you do not need to use them immediately when their proc is up; rather, make sure you fit them in any time before their proc expires.

The TK throw proc is based on weaken mind crits, and as you said, cannot occur more than once every 10s. That doesn't mean it will be available every 10s, however - you have to wait 10s between procs AND wait for a weaken mind crit.

TK throw(w/o proc) and project are technically better DPS fillers than disturbance, but disturbance also gives you procs, both keeping up your Tremors and proccing TK wave. Starting out I would suggest leaving these out of your rotation (except project on the move).

Hakkology's Avatar

03.16.2013 , 02:43 AM | #3
I had the same issues when i restarted playing my sage after 8 months or so, i noticed i had very low power.

Try to move your power a little bit, you should at least start seeing some 1.3ks even if you can not grasp the rotation yet. For EC HM, having 1200 is even enough for a good start, since there is so much target switching etc. Try to use force speed a lot more often to not to lose dps while moving.

Try to use Turbulence as often as you can use.

And try not to miss procs as they come up.
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MidichIorian's Avatar

03.16.2013 , 02:45 AM | #4
Are you actually interested in tele, specifically, or do you just want numbers? In the event of the latter I'd suggest hybrid or balance instead. They are much easier to handle and with the hybrid you'll have the same amazing force management as on tele. There's very little room for errors (such as not using CD'es) with tele so unless you get it down to 100 % you'll parse higher on the other two.