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Guild Websites

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03.08.2013 , 12:45 AM | #1
So am I to believe that most of the guilds on this server don't have sites, only Twitch and Youtube channels?

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03.08.2013 , 12:52 AM | #2
Team Rancor has one.
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03.08.2013 , 12:15 PM | #3
Pretty much, that or no one really uses it. Lot of the guilds have each other's personal phone numbers in case a spot really needs to be filled. Otherwise, we figure if you want to play, you'd be online. Beyond that a website acts as an advertisement for the guild as well, some guilds prefer to let their actions create demand.
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03.08.2013 , 01:57 PM | #4
You will find that really only the more active and serious end-game PvE guilds have and keep up on their websites. A few PvP guilds keep them, but they don't always keep them updated.

Ours is used as an anchor for guild forums where we can post potential afks on planned raid nights well in advance of our absence, or discussion and videos on boss strategies. Even things as random as videos we find throughout our day at work that others in the guild might not have seen yet. We post upcoming patch notes and developer entries that might slip by others as they go about their days outside of the game.

People look at guild websites the wrong way, I feel. People see the web URL and think to themselves "Oh man, I actually have to read something outside of the game about this guild?!" and it saves a raid leader a lot of time. The truth is, if a player isn't willing to take 5 minutes to sign up on a website for an end-game PvE group they are joining, then they probably aren't going to come to raids prepared either. The type of person that complains about having to visit Guild Forums isn't watching strategy videos on new encounters and thus probably going to waste raid time dying to stupid mechanics.

TL;DR: Guild websites are powerful tools, when used properly and by all members of your group. It's not just a place to brag about guild progress. If a player is against joining your group because they don't want to visit your website, they are saving you time and energy. thank them.
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03.08.2013 , 07:14 PM | #5

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03.08.2013 , 09:11 PM | #6
LeenPony is absolutely correct about registering for a guild website being a basic filter for member involvement.

Yes, my guild has a website:
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03.09.2013 , 11:53 AM | #7
PvE end game guild has very active website and member participation.

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03.09.2013 , 12:31 PM | #8
Unnecessary Girth...the biggest and one of the top PvE progression guilds on Imperial

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03.09.2013 , 04:32 PM | #9
SuckaFish, what we lack in size we make up for in tenacity, pride, excellence, and dedication. And we are the best progression guild. US first EC NiM, Empire first TFB HM
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03.09.2013 , 06:12 PM | #10
Quote: Originally Posted by ancksunamur View Post
SuckaFish, what we lack in size we make up for in tenacity, pride, excellence, and dedication. And we are the best progression guild. US first EC NiM, Empire first TFB HM
<deft is number one> will soon have a website, might use twitter. we that good