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Sage Final Boss Battles - 'You are my only hope!'

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Sage Final Boss Battles - 'You are my only hope!'

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03.07.2013 , 08:57 PM | #1
OK - I know I'm a newbie to MMO and that perhaps I'm not that good. However, some of these boss battles just plain suck.

I'm trying to beat this

I tried 3 times with Nadia (she dies and so do I), tried twice with Irsso and nothing. Tried Stims, no stims, interrupt, attack.

I'm not sure how anyone can beat this guy. I just don't have enough interrupts to stop the guy. He keeps recharging and my Mind Break, Force Stun and all of them don't replenish fast enough. If I use Theran I don't have time to fight the guy I'm just interrupting.

I like strategy but sometimes these boss fights seemed flawed.

I know I've had issues with other boss fights on one day and then tried them the next day and beat the boss easily. So I'm not sure if its a bug thing or if I simply suck that bad. I finally invited a friend to help me out.

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03.07.2013 , 09:28 PM | #2
By the way Here are my stats if anyone cares

Mele Defense Force
Damage 380-522 Health 13260 Bonus Damage 481.5
Bonus Damage 96 Armor 2173 Bonus Healing 347.5
Accuracy 90.73% Damage Reduction 18.75% Accuracy 100.73%
Critical Chance 10.58% Defense Chance 11.55% Critical Chance 19.75%
Critical Mutiplier 51% Critical Multiplier 51%
Force Reg Rate 8
Activation Speed 8.94%

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03.07.2013 , 09:50 PM | #3
Couple of things:
- Makes sure your gear, and you companions gear are up to date. Level 15 Greens are no good at level 35.
- Interrupt, Interrupt, Interrupt. Your stun, Force Lift and Force Wave will all interrupt the target as well. Remember that your Heroic moment will reset the CD on your stun. Using: Interrupt -> Force Wave -> Interrupt -> Stun -> Interrupt -> Lift -> Interrupt -> Heroic Moment + Stun. You should be able to keep an enemy locked down for a long time. If your interrupt is on CD just use the next thing on the list. It's also worth noting that Tharan likes to use Holiday to help you with interrupting.

Otherwise, it would be useful to know your spec and where about in the game (level, planet or chapter) that encounter was given that it wasn't the Final Boss. Also there was 1 fight (end of Chapter 2 I think, or early Chapter 3) where I had to kite the boss around while my DoTs kept ticking. When I did it on my Shadow a couple of months ago (and about 9 months after my first attempt) it seemed much easier but I was more geared and that was my 8th alt.
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03.18.2013 , 05:00 PM | #4
Restoration can break the whirlwind he puts on your companion.

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03.19.2013 , 12:09 AM | #5
You said you tried it with Nadia, Iresso, and Theran. Did you try it with Qyzen? I ask because that's who I was using and I was able to win. It wasn't easy, but I did it.

Nadia is too fragile. Her damage is not enough to offset the beating she takes in boss fights.
Iresso can take the beating, but he hits for distance. In some boss fights, he can't effectively tank because of the way the fight is designed. Especially as a defense sage, he can actually make the fight harder than it needs to be.
Theran is okay, he's a pretty good healer, but I have discovered that, as a sage, you need a tank or a damage dealer in boss fights. Not a healer. You can heal yourself effectively enough that you really need a companion that takes aggro.
Qyzen, for me, is perfect. I throw a force bubble on him and send him in.

The only strategy I can suggest is the one I use. I have a level 50 sage myself and this works for me. Use Qyzen. Force bubble him and send him to attack. Then , force bubble yourself (just in case), and start with the damage. Heal Qyzen as necessary. When the force bubble on him runs out, renew it. Keep him alive as long as possible, while also doing as much damage as you can. He will probably die eventually, but by then you should have the enemy low enough to finish him off. Keep a medpack on a hot key. Makes a great desperation heal. Make sure you are fully buffed and use a stim. Willpower or endurance stims are best, but presence isn't bad as it buffs your companion. Use your interrupts and stuns with the best timing you can manage. That's the hardest part, and it may take a death or 2 to get the timing right, but you can get it if you pay attention. Keep at it until the boss drops.

This has always worked for me. Hope it helps.

Good luck to you.
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