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Crafting Skill Help

CallMeKuch's Avatar

03.07.2013 , 11:23 AM | #1
I just turned lvl 10 and got to fleet, I'm a Jedi Knight right now but when I get on next I plan on advancing to become a Jedi Sentinel (and I'm a subscriber). I have already chosen archaeology as one of my gathering skills, but what crafting skill should I choose to go along with it? Synthweaving or Artifice? I'm kind of leaning more toward Artifice, but I'm not sure. Also, should I bothering getting the other 2 gathering skills? I noticed that you can only have 1 crafting skill at a time. Any other information about suggested crew skills is welcome, thank you ahead of time!

redfurry's Avatar

03.07.2013 , 11:58 AM | #2
If you want to make items worth anything as you level, you will need the corresponding mission skill: Treasure Hunting for Artifice, or Underworld Training for Synthweaving. So no second gathering skill unless you plan to just level the skill and then using it once you are level 50.

I would say Artifice is more useful in general. Crystals and enhancements are useful for all of your companions and future alts; almost the same with generators. Where as Synthweaving stuff are useful only for Force users (or weird companions like Bowdaar or Vector).

Synthweaving, on the other hand, can make augments. Everyone recommends not to bother with low level augments, but still, they sell like hotcakes. You will need to buy schematics and materials on the GTN (unless you hace a Slicer), but they pay for themselves quickly.

Also worth considering: the Jedi Knight companion bonuses are slightly better suited for Synthweaving than Artifice. See

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03.07.2013 , 10:33 PM | #3
Go artifice. Having an up to level hilt in your light saber is very good.
The enhancements you learn to make for this character can very likely be used on your next character

Treasure hunting to make the gemstones is nice to have, The lock boxes can give you green gear that might be useful or cash. Gemstones you will need for artifice

Slicing is always a good third crew skill choice. Making credits directly from Lockboxes is nice but their will be times that the GTN will not be selling the gemstones you want to make your blue/purple artifice items or they may be way over priced that night. Tech parts will be needed for augments and the tech part missions can yield augment schematics.