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Fronti Guide 1.7 Übersetzer gesucht!

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03.06.2013 , 02:34 AM | #1
das Original ist zu finden auf
Wäre nice, wenn sich jemand findet und noch eine Übersetzung schreibt. Viele Fragen blieben erspart, oder man verweist gleich auf diese Seite.

Erweiterungen, auch zum Thema PVP, gerne gesehen!

PvE - Vanguard Assault Specialist
Updated to patch 1.7

1.Stat Priority

Managing Primary (Aim, Cunning, Strength, Willpower) and Secondary (Accuracy, Critical Rating, Surge Rating, Power, Alacrity) stats is critical for maximizing your character. Mastering your Character Stats helps you pick gear and will improve your overall effectiveness as a(n) Assault Specialist spec Vanguard (Trooper).

Stat Priority

Aim > Accuracy (110%) > Power/Tech Power > Surge (75%) = Crit (30%)

Stat Summaries

Aim: Increases the damage and healing done by your abilities and slightly improves your Critical Chance.

Accuracy Rating: Increases the chance that your attacks will successfully hit the target. Normal attacks (Ranged/Melee) start with a base chance to hit of 90% and special attacks (Force/Tech) start with a 100% chance to hit. Bosses have a 10% defense chance which can be offset by 10% Bonus Accuracy for a total of 100% Ranged/Melee Accuracy and 110% Force/Tech Accuracy. 10% Bonus Accuracy is the optimal amount to obtain for PvE and is reached at 330 Accuracy Rating.

Power/Tech Power: Increases the bonus damage/healing of your abilities. Power is available on armor and item modifications while Tech Power is only available on weapons. The effects of these two stats are similar. Power increases all damage/healing done while Tech Power only benefits your Tech abilities.

Critical Rating: Increases your Critical Chance for scoring a critical hit. A base critical hit does an additional 50% damage/healing for a minimum of 150% damage/healing on a critical attack. The value of Critical Rating decreases above 30% Critical Chance (unbuffed) with about 400 Critical Rating from gear.

Surge Rating: Increases the Critical Multiplier for damage done by a critical hit. Surge Rating increases the amount of additional damage/healing done by a critical hit by up to an additional 50% damage for critical hits that do up to 200% normal damage/healing. The value of Surge Rating decreases above 75% Critical Multiplier or 300 Surge Rating.

Your armor and weapons are full of item modifications which include Armoring, Barrels, Hilts, Color Crystals, Mods, Enhancements, and Augments. When selecting item modifications, it is important to balance your character stats according to the stat priority outlined on the Stat Priority page and below. This guide lists the Best in Slot item mods for a(n) Assault Specialist.

2.Armoring, Barrels, Crystals

Armoring: Dread Guard Combat Tech Armor Set
Barrel: Advanced Reflex Barrel 27
Crystal: Advanced Red Hawkeye Crystal What about other colors?

Aim + Crit Advanced Nimble Mod 27
Aim + Power Advanced Agile Mod 27

Accuracy + Crit Advanced Acute Enhancement 27
Accuracy + Power Advanced Initiative Enhancement 27
Crit + Surge Advanced Battle Enhancement 27
Power + Surge Advanced Adept Enhancement 27

Endurance + Power Advanced Overkill Augment 22

3.Featured Talent Build

4.Rotation & Cooldowns (1.7)

A rotation is a system for ordering your abilities in a way that maximizes your damage, threat or healing. Mastering a rotation will help you to quickly prioritize abilities during actual encounters so that you will always have the highest possible output as a(n) Assault Specialist spec Vanguard (Trooper).

Single Target

Single target rotations are designed for maximum damage, threat or healing on one target at a time. Single target rotations are more effective the longer you are able to focus on the same target.


Execute the following ability priority for optimal damage, threat, or healing on a single target.

High Impact Bolt with Ionic Accelerator
Incendiary Round
High Impact Bolt
Mortar Volley
Pulse Cannon
Stockstrike to proc Ionic Accelerator
Ion Pulse
Hammer Shot
The key to the spec priority system is to remember the following:

1. Maximize Ammo regen by staying above 8 Ammo as much as possible.
2. Use Hammer Shot if below 8 Ammo and Recharge Cells is on cooldown.
3. Keep the DoT from Incendiary Round up at all times.
4. Use High Impact Bolt on every cooldown and watch for Ionic Accelerator procs.
5. Follow the priority list and use higher priority abilities as often as possible.

Multiple Target (AoE)

Execute the following ability priority for optimal damage, threat, or healing on multiple targets.


Mortar Volley
Pulse Cannon
Sticky Grenade
Burst Cooldowns

Burst cooldowns are used to increase your damage, threat or healing for a brief period of time.

Battle Focus
Align with Recharge Cells to spam abilities for burst DPS.
Recharge Cells
If below 5 Ammo, use immediately.
If above 8 Ammo, use during a “burst phase” to spam abilities without worrying about Ammo.
Reserve Powercell
If below 8 Ammo, use immediately on your next Ammo ability.
Survivability Cooldowns

Survivability cooldowns are used to keep you alive, reduce aggro, and provide relief to healers.

Reactive Shield
Adrenaline Rush
Wer kämpft kann verliern, wer nicht kämpft hat schon verloren!