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The Ranked Night Initiative - A Call to the Server

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The Ranked Night Initiative - A Call to the Server

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03.05.2013 , 11:52 PM | #1
--== Ranked Night(s)! ==--
@Jung-ma (PvP-RP server)

1) Join the "Ranked" channel (in-game type "/cjoin ranked" in any chat channel) if you are interested in advertising your teams participation in ranked activities, or if you have a partial team or are solo and are looking for others to group with.

2) Show up for ranked PvP with any number of people (or solo) on Wednesday nights. (Hopefully Thursday / Friday too!)


Recently ranked warzone queues have been lacking in variety of participants and frequency of attendance.

The "Ranked Night" project was initiated internally by the <Black Sun> guild group in order to provide more frequent opportunities for ranked matches for its members. <Black Sun> has taken pride in the fact that, whether by running competitive ranked warzones or in-house ranked warzones, we are exceptionally active in ranked PvP. This is a great source of fun and a benefit to our members who are now able to experience 8v8 team PvP every day.

Debut of the "Ranked" Channel - This Past Wednesday
In an effort to spread and promote this kind of frequent and inclusive participation, <Black Sun> started a private chat channel called "Ranked" (any Imperial or Republic player can join it by typing "/cjoin ranked"). The premise of the "Ranked" channel is to provide a forum specifically for people to talk about when their teams are playing, and a tool for those without full teams to find each other and make them. Specifically, we promoted Wednesday nights as a time to show up for ranked matches.

This past Wednesday we filled as many teams as we could in an effort to jump start increased participation ranked warzones on a regular basis. This past week we saw over 10 different ranked teams Q'ng. Shout outs to <Skywardens>, <Immortals>, <Crimson Elite>, <Warcloud>, <Nightmare Squadron>, and 3 teams from members of the Black Sun guild group <Black Sun> <Scourge> <Uprising> and other individuals. On Friday with <The Imperial Guard> we ran into <Sithhiker's Guide to the Galaxy> and <Jen'Jidai>. (We'd also like to mention that other groups have told us they would be joining the fray with full teams, including <The Imperial Guard>, <Reign> and <Overlord>, who we look forward to seeing as well).
Thanks to all those that were queuing.

Going Forward
We have made, and plan to continue to make, a special effort on Wednesday nights to try and put together as many teams as we can by filling roles with users of the "Ranked" channel. At the same time, we encourage and invite other guilds and individuals to bring as many members as they can to the "Ranked Night". For anyone that makes the effort to show, we will make it a priority to see that they get the teammates they need to fill their teams. <Black Sun> is also offering its VOIP server to any and all players interested in participating in the "Ranked Night" on Wednesdays that need a common voice communication meeting place.

Call to The Server
While there was a recent spike in ranked PvP participation this past Wednesday, and we would like to think that it was at least in some small part due to our efforts, any lasting success in the future is sustainable only through collaborative effort. We hope that there are many other like minded individuals and organizations out there, and invite you all to join the "Ranked" channel and join us, every Wednesday as we make "Ranked Night" a regular part of the fun while playing with the Jung-Ma server community.

Thank you Jung-Ma.

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03.06.2013 , 12:35 AM | #2

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03.06.2013 , 09:42 AM | #3
I'm continuing to try to get more of Reign involved in this. We are working on a ranked team or two of our own, but I've been pushing this ranked channel as a good opportunity and some have already used it, including myself. Had a good time last Friday running them. Hopefully this catches on and gets bigger and better!
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03.07.2013 , 01:53 PM | #4
Yesterday was the second successful Rateds Night we had. Grats to all the players willing to queue, and form the teams we had. Special grats to all the guys that pugged ranked and stayed to the very end even on the face of defeat.

Let's have this project only grow; it's our baby, WE ALL gotta feed it!!!

In the meantime... everyone join the Ranked Channel now active on both factions.
Just type ingame chat "/cjoin ranked".

The guys from Black Sun value all feedback related to the project, so if anyone has anything to contribute, let any of the members from Black Sun know and we'll make sure to implement it if its a good idea.

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03.11.2013 , 07:16 AM | #5
A simple takaway form all this, is that since season one isn't coming any time soon, ranked matches are more about friendly competition at a higher level than regular wzs. So get in the ranked chat channel and get involved =)
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03.13.2013 , 01:52 PM | #6
It's Ranked Wednesday! Black Sun will field an 8man tonight, we'll grab who is on and Q up. Hopefully people get on, see you guys tonight.
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