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Gree Double Bladed sabre broken / corrupted graphics

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Gree Double Bladed sabre broken / corrupted graphics

Projawa's Avatar

03.08.2013 , 03:02 PM | #11
On a related note: when the gree saberstaff is holstered on your toon's belt it is mounted way too low and really sticks out sort of like your toon has a 3rd leg. Either that or the saberstaff's wireframe model it isn't auto-downscaled properly when mounted on your belt.

JymmyMorison's Avatar

03.23.2013 , 03:18 PM | #12
i can confirm this bug why is t that every single new saber they introduce into the game is bugged

darthlevantine's Avatar

03.24.2013 , 03:13 PM | #13
yep, broken for me too. every fight you enter, the bottom blade vanishes after a few seconds. Frustrating to grind those gree weapons just to find them borked >:{